Medical Genius Chapter 809

 Du Jianbang and Dean Chen nodded their heads vigorously.

                Moreover, the two of them had full confidence in Lin Mo.

                This was the style of a true high ranking person!

                It was completely different from those charlatans who liked to spread the word around!

                Lin Mo took out his silver needles, walked around the girl's bed for two steps, and suddenly struck out, seven silver needles, stabbing her in several places on the top of her head and shoulder with unerring accuracy.

                Dean Chen looked dumbfounded.

                Other than that, the technique and accuracy of the needles alone was shocking.

                Du Jianbang carefully prompted, "Mr. Lin, what she injured is the spine ah ......"

                Lin Mo nodded: "I know."

                "But the spine hasn't been able to heal for years and has grown raised bone spurs."

                "A direct forced joint, that kind of pain, is simply unbearable."

                "I have to cut off her pain first so that I can help her join her spine."

                Saying that, Lin Mo stabbed a silver needle on the girl's neck and asked, "Does it hurt?"

                The girl shook her head, she was not at all conscious.

                Dean Chen couldn't help but be shocked, "It can still be like this?"

                "Would it ...... be easier to use anesthetics here?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Anesthetics won't work."

                "Once the anaesthetic is used, her blood flow will be slow."

                "And for the spine to heal, the blood has to flow fast enough for that part of the spine to grow quickly to do so."

                "Anesthetics, instead, would interfere with the healing."

                Dean Chen dawned on him, and then he said with emotion, "Mr. Lin, this method of yours is truly miraculous."

                Du Jianbang didn't know anything, but when he heard Dean Chen's emotion, he was filled with excitement.

                He knew that Lin Mo really wasn't a mortal!

                Lin Mo turned the girl over and reached out and pressed his hand on her spine a few times to determine the location.

                He pulled out a porcelain bottle from his body, took out a pill and stuffed it into the girl's mouth.

                This was the Qi and Blood Pill he had refined, made after returning from Wu Zhai.

                The Qi and Blood Pill could quickly replenish one's Qi and blood, and was extremely effective, a miracle medicine for healing and saving people.

                This girl had a deficiency of both Qi and blood, and her spine was difficult to heal, so she had to replenish her Qi and blood first.

                After helping the girl swallow the pill, Lin Mo took out the silver needles again and stabbed them in the girl's back.

                These were just the right spots to seal the broken spine.

                Afterwards, Lin Mo reached out and pressed his hand on the spine, and the internal energy of the Creation Skill surged, rushing directly into her body and hardening those raised bone spurs in the spine.

                This process was extremely painful, but the girl did not feel a thing, which was because Lin Mo had placed needles to block her pain.

                After smoothing the bone spurs, Lin Mo then carefully used his internal force to push the spine, allowing it to join together.

                After that, Lin Mo continued to push the qi and blood in her body, causing her qi and blood to boil up and continuously nourish this spine.

                Under the nourishment of the qi and blood, the spine slowly healed.

                It had been taking nearly ten minutes before Lin Mo finally stopped.

                He wiped the sweat off his forehead, he had expended a lot of internal energy on this trip.

                Removing the silver needles from the girl's body, Lin Mo said, "Here, try it and see if your fingers can move!"

                Du Jianbang and Dean Chen looked over with wide eyes.

                It was important to know that the girl had lost the function of all other parts of her body, except for above her neck, long ago.

                Now, Lin Mo was asking her to move her fingers, was this possible?

                Only to see the girl's face swelling red, as if she was exerting a lot of strength.

                And both Dean Chen and Du Jianbang looked straight at her hands.

                After a while, in the midst of their shocked gazes, the girl's hands, surprisingly, lifted up slightly and her fingers moved a few times.

                Du Jianbang and Dean Chen were directly frozen.

                After a long time, Du Jianbang suddenly bawled out, "Qian Qian, Qian Qian, you're finally okay."

                "Ah, in my life, I never even thought that you could still come over well."

                "O God, you finally opened your eyes ......"