Medical Genius Chapter 807

 Xu Dongxue, on the other hand, was dissatisfied, "Mom, what does this have to do with me?"

                "It's not like he, Lin Mo, is helping me, you're not qualified to control how I speak!"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "Shut up!"

                "Go back to your room!"

                Xu Dongxue beamed and puffed out in anger, "Mom, why are you like this?"

                "Where did I do wrong ......"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "If you keep talking nonsense, you'll move back in!"

                Xu Dongxue wilted, she was really unwilling to leave this villa.

                Lin Mo didn't care about these people's reactions.

                After promising Fang Hui, he left the Sheng Shi Gong Mansion.

                He didn't go to look for Lawyer Hou.

                He also felt embarrassed about what happened last night and couldn't bother Lawyer Hou anymore.

                He came to the hospital and approached Dean Chen first.

                Dean Chen led him to Du Jianbang's ward.

                "Old Du, look who's here?"

                Dean Chen said smilingly.

                Du Jianbang, who was now able to sit up in bed and eat, turned his head at the sound of his words and looked a little bewildered.

                "This is?"

                Lin Mo took a step forward, "Mr. Du, how do you do."

                "My name is Lin Mo, I'm Wu Bing's brother-in-law ......"

                Hearing this, Du Jianbang's face instantly changed and he directly grabbed the cup next to him and threw it over.

                "Get out!"

                Lin Mo side-stepped to avoid it.

                Dean Chen hurriedly ran over, "Aiya, old Du, why are you so angry?"

                Du Jianbang said angrily, "Old Chen, we're old friends, I don't want to say anything particularly heavy to you."

                "But, even if you were here today, I wouldn't give them face."

                "It's not like you don't know that my daughter was victimized by these dragsters!"

                "I ...... really hate to see them all dead!"

                "What else did you bring his family for? What, you want me to forgive him? On what grounds?"

                Dean Chen smiled awkwardly, "Old Du, hear me out first."

                Du Jianbang waved his hand straight away, "There's nothing to say."

                "We are friends, if you want to ask me for help with anything, I will definitely help you."

                "But, only this matter, no!"

                Dean Chen said helplessly, "I didn't say it was this matter."

                "I haven't even introduced it just now."

                "This Mr. Lin Mo, is indeed that Wu Bing's brother-in-law."

                "But again, do you know that? At that time when you were on the operating table, it was this Mr. Lin who personally saved you!"

                "If it wasn't for Mr. Lin, you wouldn't have been able to get off the operating table at all, do you know that!"

                Du Jianbang froze, he looked at Lin Mo in shock: "This ...... is true?"

                Dean Chen glared, "Nonsense, when have you ever seen me lie to anyone?"

                Du Jianbang took a deep breath.

                Other people were just fine, but this was Dean Chen's word, he absolutely believed it.

                Among all the friends he knew, Dean Chen was the most honest and kindest one.

                After a moment of silence, Du Jianbang hurriedly sat up a little straighter: "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry for ...... offending you so much just now."

                "I ...... me ......."

                Lin Mo smiled, "It's alright."

                "I heard about your daughter, you are uncomfortable in your heart, I can understand that."

                Du Jianbang's eyes reddened and he sighed despondently, "Mr. Lin, you ...... you saved my life, I don't know what to say."

                "You should be here for this time, right?"

                "Hey, forget it, since you saved me, then ...... I'll give you face."

                "I don't want any money for this time, I ...... am willing to sign a letter of understanding ......"

                When he said this, Du Jianbang's body was actually still shivering, he was still not willing to ah.

                What he hates is not about himself, but about his daughter.

                The person who had knocked his daughter into the ground had not been found to date.

                So, in his heart, he hated all these drag racers.

                Asking him to forgive a drag racer was really hard for him to accept!