Medical Genius Chapter 804

 When Lawyer Wang entered the villa, he was also shocked by the luxury in the villa.

                Hearing Fang Hui's words, he immediately said, "Ms Fang, this matter, is not as simple as you think."

                "First of all, do you know anything about the injured person's situation?"

                Fang Hui shook her head.

                Lawyer Wang said, "The injured person, his name is Du Jianbang, and he is, himself, a wealthy man."

                "In Guangyang City, he has more than a dozen houses and two companies under his name."

                "Seriously, whether it's one million six hundred thousand or three million, it's all the same to him."

                Wu Fei Fei immediately said, "If it's all the same, then why do you need the money?"

                "He's so rich, and he's still here to extort us?"

                "What kind of person is this?"

                Lawyer Wang gave her a disgruntled look, "This young lady, I have to remind you."

                "First of all, this is not extortion, but a compensation that you must give if you wish to get the other side to understand."

                "Of course, if you are not willing to pay this amount, you can also go through the formal procedure to get a judgment."

                "However, according to my past experience, the driver who caused the accident, was unlicensed, driving drunk, speeding and, also, suspected of finding someone to take the blame."

                "All these charges together, it's at least five years!"

                Upon hearing this, Fang Ling's eyes burst into tears straight away.

                "Lawyer Wang, I ...... my son can't go to jail."

                "Do something, help him, I beg you!"

                Lawyer Wang said, "Am I not helping you?"

                "I talked to people and talked to them, but they agreed to three million in compensation!"

                "Do you think this is easy to negotiate?"

                "Do you know that this Mr. Du, his daughter was crippled by a car racer and is still lying in bed."

                "He actually hates this kind of thing so much that he would hate to sentence your son to life imprisonment!"

                Fang Ling was stunned and Wu Weiguo said urgently, "Lawyer Wang, you are a professional."

                "What do you think, this matter, we ...... we should do?"

                Lawyer Wang shrugged his shoulders, "Try to meet people's demands."

                "Three million, for a family like yours, is nothing."

                "The house you live in alone would cost tens of millions."

                "There's no need to delay the children's future for this amount of money, is there?"

                This lawyer, Wang, still thought that this house belonged to Wu Weiguo.

                All three of Wu Weiguo's faces were embarrassed, and they were too embarrassed to answer.

                After a moment, Wu Fei Fei said in a deep voice: "Lawyer Wang, when ...... went to talk before, didn't they say one million six hundred thousand?"

                "Why has it suddenly gone up to three million?"

                Lawyer Wang nodded, "The one million and six hundred thousand that you guys are talking about, I know about it."

                "It was Lawyer Hou himself who went to talk about it!"

                "Oh, I don't know what you guys were thinking, but you even offended Lawyer Hou."

                "Do you guys know that Lawyer Hou was able to talk about this figure because of Lawyer Hou's face!"

                "Lawyer Hou, in the past, did a favour for Du Jianbang."

                "Lawyer Hou is using his favours to help you guys save money!"

                "This matter, if it were any other lawyer, don't even think about talking about less than three million."

                "Or rather, whether people are willing to negotiate or not, it's all still up in the air!"

                "Not only are you not grateful at all, but you are saying that Hou's lawyer is trying to cheat you out of money?"

                "Hey, if I had known this, I would never have come to get involved in this matter!"

                As Lawyer Wang spoke, his tone was clearly still somewhat contemptuous.

                Wu Weiguo Fang Ling Wu Fei Fei was completely confused.

                Thinking about last night's insult to Lawyer Hou, they only felt embarrassed to the extreme.

                They had previously thought that it was Lawyer Hou who deliberately wanted their money.

                Now it seemed that they had misunderstood Lawyer Hou!

                How hard it was for Lawyer Hou to ride on his own favours to talk about one million six hundred thousand dollars!

                As a result, they had even scolded Lawyer Hou away.