Medical Genius Chapter 800

 The next day, Wu Weiguo contacted a lawyer from out of town and asked him to rush to Guangyang City to handle the matter.

                When Fang Ling got the news, she was very pleased with herself and specifically ran to the Xu family to say it all over again.

                "Hmph, that Hou guy, he's so sinister!"

                "Can't cheat money from us, so he's deliberately screwing people behind their backs."

                "Not letting a lawyer from Guangyang City take this case?"

                "Who does he think he is? Who does he think he is to control everyone in the world?"

                "My husband didn't just get a lawyer from overseas!"

                Wu Fei Fei was looking straight at Xu Hanxia: "Sister, we made a deal last night."

                "No matter how much money we end up talking about, you'll pay a million and six hundred thousand!"

                "You can't go back on that!"

                "Don't go back on your word when you see how little money you spent? Hmph, that won't look good!"

                Xu Hanxia said impatiently, "Don't worry, I won't renege!"

                "Even if you settle this matter without using a single penny, I will still give you one million six hundred thousand!"

                Wu Fei Fei was instantly delighted.

                In her opinion, this kind of matter was a small problem of a hundred or two hundred thousand or so.

                If it was really settled, she might still end up with a million or three or four hundred thousand in her hand.

                At that time, she could buy a Porsche sports car.

                Wu Fei Fei was lost in her fantasy.

                Xu Dongxue sneered, "Wu Fei Fei, you remember that too."

                "At the end of the day, my family will only offer one million six hundred thousand!"

                "Even if you want to give someone one million six hundred and eleven thousand in the end, my family will definitely not give a single penny more, understand?"

                Wu Fei Fei sneered, "Don't worry!"

                "We're abroad, we're most concerned about the spirit of contract."

                "If you say it's a certain amount, it's a certain amount, just don't go back on it!"

                Xu Dongxue immediately nodded, "Don't worry, we definitely won't renege."

                "But, since you're talking about a contract, then why don't we just make a written contract."

                "Lest anyone reneges on it again then?"

                Wu Fei Fei immediately nodded, "Yes, yes."

                "Let's make a note, no matter how much money we want, your family will pay one million six hundred thousand!"

                Fang Hui looked helpless, "Aiya, you two sisters, is that necessary?"

                Xu Dongxue Wu Fei Fei said at the same time, "It's necessary!"

                These two, both belonging to the kind of people who were rather mean, were certainly not willing to let each other take advantage of them.

                So, in the end, they actually made a note and signed it.

                Wu Fei Fei took the note and sneered, "If you guys dare not pay that much when the time comes, humph, I'll sue you!"

                Xu Dongxue laughed, "Wu Fei Fei, don't regret it!"

                Xu Hanxia didn't bother with them and took Lin Mo to work.

                Lin Mo didn't go to the hospital either, he went straight to Wangjiang Garden.

                First, he saw his sister Lin Xi, whose condition was gradually stabilising.

                Then, Lin Mo went to the Wang family's villa again to look after the patient.

                This patient, who had been hiding in this villa for the past two days, had not gone out.

                When she heard someone coming in, she was scared and shivered.

                When she saw that it was Lin Mo, she finally breathed a little easier, but still huddled in the corner, not daring to come over.

                Lin Mo smiled, "Don't be afraid."

                "Here, no one will hurt you."

                "How is it, are you still used to the food?"

                The patient lowered his head and did not speak, and only after a long time did he nod in reply.

                Lin Mo looked around again and said, "Is there anything else you need?"

                "The TV is there, you can turn it on and watch it yourself."

                "Also, these clothes on you, do you want to change?"

                "I'll buy you some new ones!"

                The patient remained silent, and this time, she shook her head.

                It could be seen that she was actually quite grateful to Lin Mo.

                However, her years of begging had made her fearful of everything, much less dare to let Lin Mo spend money.