Medical Genius Chapter 798

 Xu Hanxia said indignantly, "Since you knew he had just arrived in the country and was unfamiliar with the situation, then you shouldn't have let him drive!"

                "You couldn't discipline yourself, so this mess happened, didn't it?"

                Fang Ling suddenly stuttered.

                Wu Fei Fei bristled, "It's all happened, what's the point of talking about it now."

                "Yes, something happened to Xiaobing, but your loser husband took this opportunity to cheat the family out of money, is that right?"

                "Humph, this is called taking advantage of the fire, this kind of person is the most detestable!"

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that she gritted her teeth, "I won't talk nonsense to you!"

                "This matter, since you don't believe in Lawyer Hou, then you will settle it yourselves."

                "I still say, I'll pay at most one million six hundred thousand!"

                "If there is more, you will pay it yourselves!"

                With those words, Xu Hanxia also went upstairs in a rage.

                Fang Ling looked annoyed: "This child, why is she like this?"

                Fang Hui waved her hand repeatedly, "Oh, don't be so normal with her."

                "She's now ah, I can't even control her."

                "Just compelled by that Lin Mo."

                "Alright, Ling, let's just think of a solution to the little soldier first."

                Fang Ling immediately said, "It's fine, I'll call my husband now and ask his company's lawyer to take a trip."

                "Humph, if we can't spend a million and six hundred thousand this time, I'll see what they say!"

                Wu Fei Fei also said directly, "Right, Sister Halfsia just said that she would only pay one million six hundred thousand."

                "Then no matter how much we negotiate, she will have to give us a million and six hundred thousand!"

                This woman, with a good calculation in her heart, was prepared to keep the extra money for herself.

                Fang Ling called Wu Weiguo, and arrangements were immediately made.

                Fang Ling leaned back on the sofa smugly, "Second sister, my husband is the most reliable when it comes to doing things."

                "The law firm their company works with in China is also the most famous law firm in Guangyang."

                "The lawyers there work, absolutely no problem, you just wait for my good news!"

                Fang Hui nodded her head repeatedly, waiting with an expectant face.

                After almost an hour, Wu Weiguo called.

                Fang Ling instantly smiled, "Second sister, I guess it's done."

                She picked up the phone and had just picked it up when Wu Weiguo's angry voice came from the other side: "Fang Ling, you ...... what have you done?"

                "Why are all the lawyers in Guangyang City, not taking our family's cases anymore?"

                Fang Ling froze, "What ...... what do you mean?"

                Wu Weiguo said sharply, "I just called with the people from that law firm, and as a result, they all said that they wouldn't take the case."

                "Later, I looked up a lot of law firms, and only through a few friends did I inquire."

                "They said that the people in the lawyer's circle in Guangyang City are all unanimous now and won't take our family's case!"

                Fang Ling froze: "How ...... how could this happen?"

                Wu Weiguo frowned: "I also heard that you have offended a well-known barrister in Guangyang City, and that people are messing with us behind our backs, is that true?"

                Fang Ling's face changed: "No way? I ...... just drove that Hou lawyer away last night!"

                Fang Ling told what happened before.

                After hearing this, Wu Weiguo said indignantly, "Aiya, you ...... are you stupid?"

                "It's not like our family is paying for this money, what do you care about him so much?"

                "Even if he talks about a hundred million, the Xu family pays for it, why do you need to offend people?"

                Fang Ling said, "You're not talking nonsense."

                "This money, no matter what, is also my sister's family's."

                "That Hou guy is simply conspiring with Lin Mo to cheat the money."

                "How can I watch my sister suffer?"

                Wu Weiguo was helpless to the extreme: "Hey, forget it, I'll ask around some more."

                "You're really, much ado about nothing!"

                Hanging up the phone, Fang Ling panicked a little.

                If none of the lawyers in Guangyang City would take the case, it would be troublesome.