Medical Genius Chapter 793

 Fang Ling blushed and said something like she had bought a house abroad and now had no money on hand.

                Fang Hui listened and wiped her tears, her heart aching for her sister.

                Xu Dongxue bristled, "Won't you have money if you sell the house?"

                "Anyway, you'll be stationed in the country for a long time, so it's useless to keep the house abroad!"

                Fang Ling was just bragging, how could they have a house?

                Hearing Xu Dongxue's words, Fang Ling could not say anything for a long time, and finally could only cry, "Xue'er ah, you ...... how can you be so cruel?"

                "That house, it's your brother's to keep for his wedding."

                "If you sell it, how can your brother still get married in the future?"

                "Second sister ah, I ...... I really don't want to live anymore ah ......"

                Fang Hui glared at Xu Dongxue, "Xue'er, shut up!"

                "Go back to your room!"

                "Staying here won't help at all, net talk about windy words!"

                Xu Dongxue brushed her mouth off, "Fine, fine, I won't say anymore, that's enough."

                Fang Hui glared at her again before looking hopefully at Xu Hanxia, "Hanxia, why don't you help your third aunt?"

                "When you were little, your third aunt was so nice to you, you ......"

                Xu Hanxia had two big heads, what is this, tossing it back at me?

                Oh, so her son didn't listen to advice and got into trouble outside, so our family has to pay for it?

                Honestly, if it was just a simple matter, borrowing some money to deal with it, Xu Hanxia didn't care.

                After all, Third Aunt was really good to them!

                But the problem was that just now, Wu Weiguo had totally just come over and tried to rely on his family, which made Xu Hanxia very upset.

                "Mom, the dividends from our company won't come out until the end of the year."

                "Now I'm just getting a salary every month, how can I have that much money!"

                Xu Hanxia said back.

                Fang Hui said urgently, "You are the chairman of the company, can't you think of something?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "What can I think of?"

                "Are you asking me to embezzle the company's public funds?"

                "Are you trying to get me to go to jail with you?"

                Fang Hui was so angry that she couldn't say anything.

                At this moment, Wu Fei Fei suddenly said, "Sister, it's important to save people."

                "Why don't you mortgage your car first and take out a loan to save Xiaobing!"

                Several people from the Xu family were dumbfounded, all shocked by this shameless statement.

                Seriously, they didn't expect that someone from the Wu family could say such shameless words.

                Your family's people disobeyed and had a car accident, and now you have to ask me to mortgage my car to raise money for you to save them?

                And to top it all off, to say it so rightfully!


                Does my family owe you?

                Xu Hanxia took a few deep breaths, barely calming herself down, she was really worried that she might not be able to stop herself from cursing.

                Xu Dongxue couldn't care less and jumped straight into a thunderstorm: "Are you fucking sick?"

                "Why do you want to mortgage my car?"

                "Don't you have a car? You have a BMW, take it as collateral!"

                "That's your own brother, shouldn't your family worry about that?"

                Wu Fei Fei looked embarrassed: "Cousin, we are all family!"

                "We ...... we really have no choice here either."

                "Besides, this one million, for us, is a big amount, but for your family, it's just a little bit of money."

                Xu Dongxue said angrily, "Bullshit!"

                "One million, who dares to say it's a small amount of money?"

                Huang Liang also said softly, "Who cares if it's big or small, whoever's family should pay, must pay."

                "We don't owe you guys anything, so why should we ask my family for it?"

                Wu Fei Fei stood up angrily, "Alright, I know."

                "What kind of bullsh*t relatives are you?"

                "You know my family doesn't have any money and you won't even do me a small favour."

                "Mum, I've seen through your relatives."

                "They talk a good game, but when it comes to the real thing, they're all stingy!"

                "Forget it, let's go, I'm sick of seeing them!"