Medical Genius Chapter 792

 Wu Weiguo lowered his head and could not speak, he was really wilting.

                He had no choice but to give a wink to Fang Ling.

                Fang Ling had already woken up for a while and immediately bawled, "Oh my, my son!"

                "What can we do?"

                "Second sister, I don't want to live anymore!"

                "I only have this son, if anything happens to him, I ...... I might as well die!"

                Fang Hui hugged her in a hurry, "Ling, don't worry, second sister will help you think of a way."

                "Lawyer Hou, I'm begging you, can you help?"

                Lawyer Hou glanced at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo nodded gently, he knew very well that if this matter was not resolved, there would be absolutely no end to it for Fang Hui.

                Lawyer Hou said, "I made it very clear just now, this is mainly a matter of compensation, and whether the other party can forgive."

                "If these issues are resolved, the others, however, can be tried."

                Fang Hui hurriedly said, "Ling, did you hear me?"

                "Actually, if the person is not dead, this ...... matter is still relatively easy to solve."

                "Big deal, let's pay more money, that's not all!"

                Fang Ling said anxiously, "Then ...... how much does that have to pay?"

                Fang Hui looked at Lawyer Hou.

                Lawyer Hou was helpless: "It's really hard to say this."

                "According to my past experience, it's estimated to start at a million!"

                Fang Ling said sharply, "What?"

                "The person is not dead, why should it be a million?"

                "This ...... is too much, isn't it?"

                Lawyer Hou said softly, "So do you want your son to go to jail for a few more years, or do you want to lose some money?"

                Fang Ling was at a loss for words, and after a long moment of silence, she bawled again, "I ...... where are we going to find a million dollars!"

                At this moment, Xu Dongxue, who had been sneering next to her, suddenly said, "Yo, Third Aunt, you guys are back from abroad, huh?"

                "I heard that there is gold everywhere abroad, how can you guys not even have a million?"

                "Third Aunt's husband is a senior leader of a foreign company, his annual salary is several million."

                "This one million, what's it worth?"

                Xu Jiangong laughed heatedly, looking at Wu Weiguo's few people with a face full of teasing.

                After these four people came back, they opened their mouths and shut up about how they were so and so abroad, and the Xu family was sort of disgusted by this to the extreme.

                Now Xu Dongxue took the opportunity to make a sarcastic remark, which was deeply to Xu Jiankong's liking.

                Wu Weiguo Fang Ling's face swelled red with embarrassment to the extreme.

                They were talking about being abroad all these years, but in fact, life was pretty average.

                Fang Ling didn't work, and Wu Weiguo supported his family alone.

                Working in a foreign company, the monthly income, after deducting expenses and spending, there was not much left.

                In fact, when they were abroad, they always lived in rented accommodation and did not have their own house at all.

                This time, they were able to return to China as general manager, mainly because the head office attached importance to this project and needed a Chinese person to handle these matters.

                Moreover, Wu Weiguo happens to be a native of Guangyang City, and the head office saw this as the reason why they let him come back as the general manager.

                If it wasn't for this, he would only be considered a minor leader in the company, so how could he have such a good opportunity?

                And these people have been abroad for all these years, and their consciousness is still stuck in the time before they went abroad, when the country was poor and backward.

                In addition, they have seen some news with ulterior motives, saying that people in China cannot afford to eat tea eggs, that squash is a luxury, and that they can only have a meal of meat on New Year's Eve.

                In their view, the country is still as poor and backward as ever, and they live in a way that kills the rich people in the country in seconds.

                That's why, after returning to China, they are so arrogant and arrogant, and they are always talking about what is going on abroad.

                In fact, they are nothing more than fancy dress. On the surface, they look glamorous and shiny, a family of returnees, but behind the scenes, their pockets are empty.

                They can't even come up with 300,000, not to mention a million!