Medical Genius Chapter 790

 Xu Jiangong was originally standing at the door, and as soon as he heard this, he immediately jumped and came out.

                "What did you say?"

                "What we out?"

                "You ...... you want to shame?"

                "Your son drove and wrecked my car, and as a result we still have to pay for it?"

                "On what grounds?"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily.

                Wu Weiguo glared, "You know full well that my son doesn't have a driving licence and still lend him the car, that's your responsibility!"

                "Lawyer Hou, is that right?"

                Lawyer Hou scratched his head awkwardly and looked helplessly at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo: "Lawyer Hou, if you have anything to say, just say it straight."

                Lawyer Hou pondered for a moment and said in a low voice, "If you know that the other party doesn't have a driving licence and still lend him the car."

                "According to the law, this is indeed a joint and several liability, and you have to pay part of the compensation too!"

                Wu Weiguo was suddenly full of smugness, "How about that?"

                "People's lawyers have said so, what else do you have to say?"

                "Xu Jiangong, I'm telling you."

                "It's lucky my son wasn't injured this time, otherwise, you'd even have to pay for my son's!"

                Xu Jiangong was annoyed and said sharply, "He was driving without a license, what does this have to do with us?"

                "Why should we have to pay for it all?"

                "Don't they have any responsibility at all?"

                Lawyer Hou: "Of course they are also responsible."

                "What I'm saying is that you have to bear joint and several responsibility."

                Xu Jiangong immediately said, "Do you hear me?"

                "We're only partly responsible!"

                "Wu Weiguo, you want to blackmail us, it's not that easy!"

                Wu Weiguo froze: "This ...... Why is this only part of the responsibility?"

                "They knew my son didn't have a driving licence and still lent the car to my son, so this should all be their responsibility ah!"

                "How ...... are you a lawyer? Are you a professional or not?"

                Lawyer Hou frowned: "I am speaking according to the law."

                Wu Weiguo said angrily, "What legal regulations, I think you are just a half-assed level!"

                "This kind of thing, what else is there to think about?"

                "It must all be their responsibility!"

                Lawyer Hou's face was slightly cold, and he was quite discontented with this Wu Weiguo now.

                He suddenly looked at Xu Jiankong: "Oh, by the way, Mr. Xu, are you sure that you lent the car to his son at that time?"

                Xu Jiankong scratched his head: "What's wrong with this ......?"

                Lawyer Hou: "I need to know the specific circumstances at the time before I can judge."

                Xu Jiangong said, "His son wanted to borrow a car at that time, I actually disagreed, I knew he didn't have a driving licence."

                "But he said his girlfriend was driving and his girlfriend had a driver's licence."

                "I thought at the time that since his girlfriend was driving, there was no problem, so I lent him the car!"

                Lawyer Hou's eyes then lit up, "You mean, at that time you actually lent the car to his girlfriend, the one with the driving licence, right?"

                Xu Jiangong nodded, "Yes, I'm not a fool, how would I lend my car to someone who doesn't have a driving licence?"

                Wu Weiguo immediately said, "Bullshit, you don't know his girlfriend, why did you lend your car to that woman?"

                "Xu Jiangong, can you show some face?"

                Xu Jiangong was just about to speak when lawyer Hou said softly, "In the law, there is no rule against lending something to a stranger."

                Xu Jiangong immediately laughed: "Do you hear me?"

                "That's a professional answer!"

                Wu Weiguo gritted his teeth and said indignantly, "But then the car was driven by my son!"

                "Didn't he still lend the car to my son!"

                Lawyer Hou said slowly, "It doesn't matter who drove it later."

                "What matters is who drove the car away from you at that time."

                "Mr Xu, do you remember what happened at that time?"

                Xu Jiangong immediately said, "It was his girlfriend who drove away."

                "I saw it with my own eyes at the time, it was his girlfriend who drove away!"