Medical Genius Chapter 788

 Xu Jiangong was dumbfounded.

                He himself was already unreasonable enough, but he didn't expect that there was someone else who was even more unreasonable than him.

                "Wu Weiguo, you ...... you don't go too far!"

                "The car was driven by your son, the accident was caused by your son."

                "You're making my family take responsibility, who are you to do that?"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily.

                Wu Weiguo said in a cold voice, "On the basis that you lent this car to my son!"

                "You know full well that he doesn't have a driver's licence and you still lend him the car, you are deliberately harming him!"

                "This matter, even if it is handed over to the court for judgment, you lent the car to a person without a driving licence, this is also your fault!"

                Xu Jiangong was so angry that he shivered, grabbed the tea cup on the table and slammed it on the ground: "Damn you, what the hell are you doing, being unreasonable here!"

                Wu Weiguo didn't show any weakness and shot up, "What, you want to play rough?"

                "I'm telling you, if anything happens to my son, if he goes to jail or whatever, I'm not finished with you!"

                Fang Hui said anxiously, "Oh, you all should cut the crap."

                "Now we should think about how to deal with this matter, we are arguing with our own family here, is it embarrassing to spread the word?"

                Xu Jian Gong was furious: "Shut up!"

                "If you didn't have to lend your car to that piece of shit, how could this happen?"

                "It's all because of you, you'll have to sort it out yourself!"

                Xu Jiangong said, and left in a huff.

                Wu Weiguo shouted angrily behind him, "Who are you calling rubbish?"

                "Say it again if you dare!"

                Fang Ling hurriedly pulled him back, "Aiya, well, well, what's the point of arguing about this?"

                "Come on, come on, sit down first, let's discuss what to do about this!"

                Wu Weiguo sat down furiously, Fang Hui wiped her tears: "I ...... didn't know this would happen either."

                "At that time Xiaobing said well, said his girlfriend drove, I only lent him."

                "Who knew it would be like this?"

                Wu Weiguo said indignantly, "Children have no self-control, it's not like you don't know that."

                "You're such an old man, don't you have any brains at all?"

                "What he says is what he is?"

                Xu Hanxia, who was sitting next to her, was not happy: "Third Aunt, can you speak more politely?"

                "My mother didn't also love the child, that's why she lent him the car."

                "You ...... how can you talk like that?"

                Wu Weiguo said angrily, "What, is there something wrong with what I said?"

                "She believes whatever others say, isn't that brainless?"

                "Little Bing is still a child, how can you let him have his way?"

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that she was speechless.

                At this moment, Lin Mo walked over and said softly, "Third Aunt Fu, I think, you shouldn't be so anxious."

                "Little Bing is still a child, and in China, minors, in fact, are not required to bear much legal responsibility."

                Wu Weiguo was furious: "Bullshit!"

                "Xiaobing is already twenty years old, how can he still be a minor?"

                Lin Mo also scolded back directly and angrily, "You also know he's twenty years old!"

                "Twenty years old and still a child?"

                "What's wrong with your brain?"

                "You're an adult, and you're still talking about lacking self-control?"

                "Is he a child with dementia?"

                Wu Weiguo was scolded in a daze as Xu Jiangong poked his head out of the room, "Lin Mo, well said!"

                "Well done!"

                "Hahahaha, childish dementia, too funny ......"

                Xu Jiangong looked at Lin Mo with an admiring face, he had never found Lin Mo so agreeable.

                Wu Weiguo was furious: "Surnamed Lin, what the fuck do you mean?"

                "My son is even twenty years old, but, isn't he still a child compared to you guys."

                "You ...... how can you talk like that?"

                "Also, is this your attitude towards your elders?"

                Lin Mo said slowly, "How you treat us, how we treat you, isn't it right?"

                Xu Jiangong immediately clapped his hands, "I think it's right!"