Medical Genius Chapter 787

 When they arrived at Wangjiang Garden, Chen Shengyuan had already made all the arrangements.

                Lin Mo got the villa key and went in with the patient.

                He Qianxue had wanted to follow him in but was stopped by Lin Mo, so she could only leave resentfully.

                Lin Mo brought the patient into the spacious and bright villa, and the patient looked around with a shocked expression.

                It was obvious that she had never seen such a luxurious villa at all.

                Lin Mo said, "For this next period of time, you will stay here first."

                "I will slowly help you with your treatment."

                "By the way, you try not to leave this house."

                "The food you eat every day, I will have someone bring it to the door, and you bring it in yourself."

                "When you have finished eating, you will leave your things at the door and someone will naturally take them away."

                "Remember, no matter what, don't go out of this house, understand?"

                The patient looked at Lin Mo and nodded.

                To be able to live in a house like this and still be able to eat and drink every day, it was much better than her old life of begging.

                Lin Mo took the patient up and down and let her pick a room at random.

                I could see that she didn't feel very secure and ended up picking the smallest maid's room to stay in.

                Lin Mo didn't care about her, he arranged her and left first.

                Leaving the villa, Lin Mo did not go home, but once again went to the villa area that the construction company was developing.

                The lake in the middle of the villa area had already been purified, and all the eggs of those wild parasites inside had not been eliminated.

                Lin Mo stared at the lake for a while and said softly, "It seems that these wild compulsions, are not originally there."

                "In the end, who is looking for her?"

                As he was pondering, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

                Lin Mo picked up the phone, and Fang Hui's anxious voice immediately came from the other side: "Lin Mo, how's it going over there?"

                "Is that person dead yet?"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be speechless, this was a speechless statement.

                "Luckily, it was rescued!"

                Fang Hui immediately breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank God! Thank God!"

                After that, she yelled to the people next to her, "I've told you all, it's going to be fine, it's going to be fine."

                "Look, the man's not dead, is he?"

                "If he's not dead, it's not a big deal, it's just money, what's the big deal!"

                "Let's go, let's go home, look at your anxiety ......"

                Muttering, Fang Hui hung up the phone.

                Lin Mo had a helpless face, he also drove back to the Sheng Shi Gong Mansion.

                Fang Hui and the others had already arrived home, and Fang Ling and Wu Weiguo were also sitting here.

                When Lin Mo entered, Wu Weiguo was yelling, "Second sister, ah, why are you so confused?"

                "He doesn't even have a driving licence, how can you lend him your car?"

                "He's a little kid, he's acting recklessly, you're letting him drive, isn't this ...... tantamount to hurting him?"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but stare, what, your son borrowed a car and had an accident, and you're still here to blame us for not borrowing a car?

                Xu Jiangong, who was also sitting in the living room, had an angry look on his face and said loudly, "You think we want to lend it to him!"

                "It was him who asked again and again, and your second sister really had no choice but to lend him the car."

                "Besides, he said it was his girlfriend who drove it, not him."

                "How can we still be blamed for this?"

                Wu Weiguo said indignantly, "He said it was his girlfriend driving, and you guys believe him?"

                "Brother-in-law, the car is yours, if you don't want to borrow it, how can he steal it?"

                "I'm not talking about you, he's still a kid, how can you let him have his way?"

                "Now he's in trouble, what do you think we should do?"

                Xu Jiangong froze, "I ...... I say what to do?"

                "Shouldn't this be your family's business?"

                "Why should I be allowed to say it?"

                Wu Weiguo said indignantly, "If you hadn't lent him the car, how could this have happened?"

                "Your family, shouldn't you take responsibility?"