Medical Genius Chapter 785

 He Qianxue suddenly realized, "So that's what's going on."

                "Then this medical fee ......"

                Dean Chen hurriedly said, "Medical fees, I've paid them all!"

                He Qianxue nodded and didn't say anything more.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, gave Dean Chen an extra look.

                Honestly, this Dean Chen initially gave him the impression that he was the kind of person who was more truthful.

                And now, what Dean Chen had done was something that impressed Lin Mo.

                To a beggar, after knowing that he had no family, not only did he not throw him out, but instead, he kept him here and treated him at his own expense, an ordinary person simply couldn't do that ah.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing is, the injury of hitting someone, and the abscess on this beggar, that is a different thing.

                According to reason, Dean Chen only needs to heal the bruises, he doesn't need to care about anything else at all.

                And now, Dean Chen helped him treat the abscess at his own expense, this is enough to see the character of this Dean Chen.

                As they spoke, a few people arrived at the small building.

                Dean Chen glanced at He Qianxue and said in a low voice, "Miss He, why don't you stay outside?"

                "The patient's condition, I ...... am afraid that you will not be able to bear it!"

                He Qianxue thought about it, but finally nodded her head.

                A body full of pus sores, ah, even thinking about it was unacceptable.

                Dean Chen took Lin Mo into the innermost room.

                This room was very dim, and once inside, one could smell a rotten aura.

                And in the midst of this darkness, there was a man, huddled in a corner, shivering.

                Dean Chen hurriedly walked over to him, "Aiya, you ...... Why don't you sleep on the bed?"

                "Come, come, come, you sit on the bed first."

                "I have found a doctor who can help you, don't be afraid!"

                Dean Chen pulled the patient to the bedside and turned on the light by hand.

                Lin Mo took a glance at it and his face changed.

                This patient's condition was even more terrifying than Dean Chen had said.

                He was really covered in pus, even on his face, hands and neck, all of which were covered in pus.

                Almost all of the skin that could be seen was covered with pus sores.

                The pustules were all white, as if they were filled with pus.

                It felt as if boiling water had been poured over the entire body and blisters had formed on the skin.

                Moreover, what was inside this blister was not water, but pus, and this was what made it most terrifying.

                He Qianxue had indeed made the right choice by not coming in!

                Dean Chen was kind of used to seeing it, and he was still slightly calm.

                "Mr. Lin, you ...... take a look at this, what exactly is this?"

                Dean Chen's address had all changed.

                Because, as He Qianxue had said before, even Divine Doctor Xue, also held Lin Mo in very high esteem.

                Divine Doctor Xue, that was a banner of the medical community in Guang Province.

                Even Divine Doctor Xue had to esteem a person, Dean Chen must show enough respect.

                Lin Mo did not say anything, he looked straight at this patient, his eyes were full of surprise.

                Dean Chen's heart was puzzled, was Lin Mo making some kind of discovery?

                He did not dare to ask more questions and just waited in silence.

                Only after a long time did Lin Mo walk slowly.

                He reached out his hand and gently nudged an abscess on the patient's body, only to see the abscess shake as if it had touched the pus inside.

                The patient, on the other hand, grimaced, as if this stroke had caused him a great deal of pain.

                Lin Mo smiled faintly and asked, "Dean Chen, you must not have examined this pus, right?"

                Dean Chen was surprised, "Mr. Lin, how did you know that?"

                "We did want to assay the composition of this pus before."

                "However, with this pus on his body, the slightest touch would cause him to tear his heart and lungs out."

                "We originally planned to give him anesthesia and then treat him."

                "But the anaesthesia didn't work either, whether it was eaten or injected, it couldn't put him under."

                "I increased the dose afterwards, but it still didn't work, it's really strange."

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "It's not strange, that's right."