Medical Genius Chapter 784

 After the patient's matter was taken care of, Dean Chen warmly invited Lin Mo and He Qianxue to his office.

                On this way, Dean Chen also understood the specific situation.

                "So this injured person, was hit by your cousin's car!"

                "Ai, this young man, driving too recklessly, is not a good thing!"

                Dean Chen lamented.

                Lin Mo also shook his head helplessly, what happened to Wu Bing could actually have been predicted.

                This person was just too arrogant and conceited, moreover, he used to race cars abroad, sooner or later, he would get into trouble.

                Unexpectedly, this time, it had gone so far.

                The reason why Lin Mo stepped in to save him was that he didn't want to see a human life lost for nothing.

                Secondly, it was because the car was still registered in Lin Mo's name.

                If the injured person really died, the follow-up would be very troublesome, I'm afraid.

                The three of them sat and talked for a while, and Dean Chen could hear that He Qianxue admired Lin Mo's medical skills.

                And this, too, made Dean Chen curious.

                One should know that He Qianxue was from a medical family.

                He Lao, was a renowned divine doctor in Guangyang City.

                By all accounts, there were even fewer people who could make He Qianxue look good in terms of medical skills.

                Now that she held Lin Mo in such high esteem, could it be that Lin Mo's medical skills had really reached such a high level?

                Did even He Lao admire him so much?

                Thinking of this, Dean Chen's heart suddenly stirred.

                If Lin Mo's medical skills were really this advanced, could he not be asked to look at that particular patient in the hospital?

                After pondering for a while, Dean Chen found an opportunity and suddenly said, "Mr. Lin, I have something that I would like to ask you for a favour!"

                Lin Mo saw that this Dean Chen was also a very disciplined person, so he nodded his head and said, "Dean Chen, just say it."

                Dean Chen sighed lightly, "It's like this."

                "Some time ago, a special patient was admitted to our hospital."

                "This patient, who didn't know what was wrong, had pus sores all over his body."

                "We used all kinds of methods, but we couldn't cure him."

                "Even, we don't even know what the cause of his illness really is."

                "We originally planned to keep him in the hospital for the time being, until the next Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting, as a special case to look at."

                "But, the next Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting is still a year away."

                "Mr. Lin, I wonder, can you help take a look?"

                Since Lin Mo had received the jade pendant inheritance, he had also really inherited his ancestor's intention of hanging pots and pans to help the world.

                Now that there was a patient in need of medical treatment, Lin Mo certainly wouldn't push back.

                "Dean Chen, you can show me around!"

                Lin Mo said with a smile.

                Dean Chen immediately nodded his head.

                He led Lin Mo and walked all the way to the back of the hospital.

                At the back of this, there were quite a few single-family villas, and these were all places where some big shots were convalescing.

                And at the end of these single-family houses, there was a rather short, small, dilapidated building.

                Dean Chen said awkwardly, "This is where the hospital cleaners put their things."

                "This patient's condition is rather special, and we don't know if it will be contagious, so we can only bring him to the back and put him here for now."

                He Qianxue frowned, "Can his family agree to such an environment?"

                Dean Chen shook his head, "He has no family."

                He Qianxue was stunned, "No family?"

                "He's all alone?"

                Dean Chen sighed helplessly and said in a low voice, "This matter, I'm ashamed to say."

                "This patient, in fact ...... was actually brought here by me."

                "He was originally a beggar, half a month ago, my wife was driving, and accidentally hit him, so she sent him to the hospital."

                "We couldn't contact his family and couldn't cure him, so we really had no choice but to temporarily place him here."