Medical Genius Chapter 783

 "Who's causing trouble in the hospital?"

                "Why are you breaking into the operating room?"

                "This is not nonsense!"

                Dean Chen had just arrived on the scene and yelled straight away.

                He was also full of annoyance, this was the first time he had heard of someone breaking into the operating theatre.

                The nurse stammered out the situation, and with a black face, Dean Chen led the men from the Security Section straight to the operating theatre.

                However, before they could enter, the door of the operating theatre suddenly opened.

                Several doctors walked out together with Lin Mo, and several of them were full of joy.

                As soon as the nurse saw Lin Mo, she immediately said, "Dean, that's him, breaking into the operating room just now!"

                Dean Chen's face changed and he said angrily, "How dare you, how dare you even break into the operating room!"

                "Arrest him!"

                A few people from the security department behind him wanted to take action.

                A doctor immediately stopped them and said urgently, "Dean Chen, there's been a misunderstanding."

                "This Mr. Lin, is also a doctor."

                Dean Chen was surprised, "He's a doctor too?"

                After that he became even more furious and shouted, "Since you are a doctor, you should know the rules!"

                "The doctor inside is operating to save a patient, at this time, it is most unacceptable to be disturbed."

                "How dare you barge straight into the operating theatre, do you know that this could cause them to fail in their operation?"

                "As a doctor, do you have any medical ethics at all?"

                The doctor from before was full of embarrassment, "Dean Chen, you have misunderstood."

                "This Mr. Lin, he came in to help us."

                "The patient's situation was so dangerous that we could no longer control the situation."

                "If Mr. Lin hadn't gone in to help in time, I'm afraid ...... only that the patient wouldn't have been able to walk out of the operating room!"

                Dean Chen froze, with a bewildered look on his face, "Is this ...... true?"

                A middle-aged doctor came up behind him, none other than Director Gao, who was in charge of this operation.

                He nodded, "That's right."

                "It was because of Mr. Lin's help that we managed to save the patient."

                "The patient is out of danger now, he only needs to recuperate for a while afterwards and he will be fine!"

                Dean Chen was dumbfounded, he hadn't expected such a situation at all.

                After a long time of silence, Dean Chen said awkwardly, "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry for what happened just now."

                Lin Mo waved his hand calmly, "It's alright."

                "It was my fault for trespassing in the operating room."

                "But, the situation was really critical."

                "I had no choice but to do so for the sake of the patient!"

                Dean Chen nodded repeatedly, "A doctor's heart is like a parent's heart!"

                "For doctors, treating the patient is the most important thing."

                "However, I ...... I still don't understand a bit."

                "Mr. Lin, how did you ...... you know what was going on in the operating room at that time?"

                As a doctor, Dean Chen knew very well that understanding the condition was the most crucial.

                Lin Mo barged into the operating room and was immediately able to save the person, without even knowing the situation beforehand, this medical skill was too amazing.

                Just at that moment, a voice suddenly came from behind, "Big brother Lin made a move, there is no need to know the situation in the operating theatre at all!"

                The crowd turned their heads, only to see He Qianxue, dressed in all black, hurrying over.

                Dean Chen recognised He Qianxue and hurriedly smiled, "Miss He, what brings you here?"

                He Qianxue walked straight to Lin Mo's side, "I'm here to find my big brother Lin."

                "How is it, is the patient alright?"

                Lin Mo nodded his head.

                He Qianxue smiled like a flower, "It's good that he's alright."

                Dean Chen looked at the two, while he was confused.

                Looking at He Qianxue, it seemed that she was very intimate with Lin Mo.

                What was the origin of this young man? How could the He family's Qianjin be so favourable to him?

                One must know that He Qianxue, was known to have eyes above the ground.

                Not many of those so-called young talents in Guangyang City could be seen by her.