Medical Genius Chapter 782

 Fang Hui was speechless and could only keep wiping her tears.

                Xu Jiangong, on the other hand, circled his Mercedes big g several times, his face ironic.

                "Aiyo, my new car, this ...... how much does it cost to fix it?"

                "This dead child, how can he get into trouble so much!"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "Can't you talk properly!"

                "You think Xiaobing wants this kind of thing to happen?"

                "Then ...... that wasn't an accident?"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Was it an accident?"

                "Unlicensed, drink driving, and racing, and most crucially, running into a non-motorway, this is simply a man-made accident!"

                Fang Hui stuttered for a moment and said indignantly, "What are you arguing about."

                "It's just a car repair, the insurance company will pay for it!"

                Xu Hanxia said leisurely, "Driving without a license and drink driving, the insurance company won't pay!"

                Fang Hui froze: "Really ...... really?"

                Xu Jiankong: "Nonsense, of course it's true!"

                "Don't you even watch the news?"

                "Also, I'm telling you."

                "Your nephew doesn't have a driving licence, we lent him the car, and we both have joint and several responsibilities."

                "In this case, our family is not as simple as repairing the car, when the time comes to pay the compensation to the injured, our family will also have to pay part of it!"

                Fang Hui was completely confused, she did not know about these circumstances.

                Now, she was really close to collapse in her heart.

                She was also depressed to the core, her nephew, how could he have caused such a big trouble?

                On the other hand, when Lin Mo was in the car, he had He Qianxue investigate to the hospital where that injured person was.

                He directly asked Brother Fire to drive there, and did not contact He Lao.

                After all, his medical skills were much more superior than He Lao's!

                When he arrived at the hospital, that patient was still being resuscitated in the operating room.

                Lin Mo stood outside for a while, his brow suddenly furrowed.

                If he hadn't been resuscitated after such a long time, then this injured person's situation would only become more dangerous.

                He walked to the nurse's station and said in a deep voice, "Nurse, can you arrange for me to treat the injured person?"

                "The injured person's condition is very serious, I'm afraid something might happen!"

                The nurse gave him a bewildered look, "Sir, how can this ...... be possible?"

                "It's in surgery, we can't disturb it!"

                "Besides, the one operating in there right now is our Director Gao."

                "Just don't worry, it will be fine!"

                As soon as the words left his mouth, the door to the operating room suddenly opened and a doctor exclaimed, "It's not good, hurry up and call Director Chen."

                "I'm afraid the injured person won't be able to hold on!"

                The nurse instantly panicked and began to make phone calls in a frenzy.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, frowned and rushed straight into the operating theatre.

                The doctor tried to stop, but was directly held down by Brother Fire.

                "What are you doing?"

                "That's an operating room, you can't barge in!"

                The doctor said urgently.

                Lin Mo ignored him and rushed straight in.

                The injured man's condition was really serious, and several doctors were too busy to control it.

                Lin Mo hurriedly ran over and reached out to press the injured man's head, at the same time, he pulled out three silver needles with his left hand and stabbed them directly into the injured man's three acupuncture points.

                The few doctors next to him were annoyed: "What are you doing?"

                Lin Mo said indignantly, "Cut the crap!"

                "Continue the blood transfusion and control the blood pressure!"

                As he spoke, Lin Mo stabbed down four more silver needles one after another.

                The Creation Needle Technique, which took over the creation of heaven and earth, had the power of gods and ghosts!

                Seven silver needles were inserted, and the patient's condition was immediately stabilized.

                Several doctors originally wanted to push Lin Mo away, but when they saw such a situation, they were all frozen.

                This patient was on the verge of death just now, how could everything suddenly be stable?

                Lin Mo gave them a look: "What are you doing?"

                "Hurry up and continue!"

                Lin Mo was good at acupuncture and medicine.

                But this kind of surgical treatment, Lin Mo really couldn't do!

                Several doctors came back to their senses and hurriedly continued, stitching up the patient's wounds.

                Ten minutes later, the patient was out of danger.

                At this moment, outside, Dean Chen also brought a group of people from the security section to run over.