Medical Genius Chapter 781

 As she watched Wu Bing being taken to the car, Fang Hui burst into tears.

                "Hanxia, Hanxia, save your cousin!"

                Xu Hanxia's face was blue: "Mom, tell me, how can I save him?"

                Fang Hui said urgently, "You know so many people, surely ...... there must be some big officials."

                "You ask them to help put in a word ......."

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Mom, you're sick in the head, right?"

                "Now the other party injured people are dying, do you think this is still a small matter?"

                "If the other party dies, he drove drunk without a license and sped to death, do you know what will happen?"

                "Who could have saved him?"

                Fang Hui panicked, "What about ...... that?"

                "This is your third aunt's son!"

                "If anything were to happen to him, wouldn't it cost your third aunt's life?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "I told you again and again at that time not to lend him the car."

                "You just wouldn't listen, what could I do?"

                Fang Hui said urgently, "Is now the time to talk about this?"

                "The most crucial thing now is to find a way to save people."

                Xu Hanxia waved her hand straight away, "I can't manage that!"

                "You want to save, you go and think of a way!"

                Fang Hui shivered with anger, and finally rolled her eyes and fainted straight away.

                Xu Hanxia was anxious: "Mom, mum, how are you?"

                Several people carried Fang Hui to the car again, and the scene was chaotic.

                As for the rich kids who were racing, they watched the action for a while and then simply dispersed.

                It was none of their business anyway, and they didn't worry about whether Fang Hui was dead or alive.

                Lin Mo quietly slapped Fang Hui on the top of her head, and Fang Hui surreptitiously woke up.

                "Hanxia ah, I beg you, please save your cousin ......"

                "I'm begging you on my knees ......"

                Fang Hui struggled to kneel down.

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that she couldn't even speak, this was simply a deliberate attempt to make things difficult for her.

                At this moment, Lin Mo came over and said softly, "Half Xia, I think, it's pointless for us to talk about this now."

                "The most crucial thing now is the situation of the injured person."

                "If the injured person is dead, then there is really no room for manoeuvre in this matter."

                "If the injured person is not dead, then this matter, is not that serious."

                Xu Hanxia's eyes lit up, "Yeah."

                "It's ...... the condition of this injured person that's most important."

                "Which hospital is the injured person in?"

                "I don't know how his condition is now, ah?"

                Lin Mo said, "Hanxia, you stay here with mum."

                "I'll go over to the hospital and take a look."

                "I still have some acquaintances in these hospitals in the city."

                "If you can't, I'll ask Elder He to help. If he does it, it will be no problem!"

                When these words came out, Fang Hui immediately breathed a sigh of relief and said urgently, "Lin Mo, then ...... then you go quickly!"

                "Lin Mo, the little soldier is counting on you."

                "I beg you, you must get this done ......"

                Lin Mo nodded: "Mom, just don't worry about it."

                "I'll call He Lao later!"

                "I'll go first!"

                Lin Mo let Brother Fire drive him and went straight to the hospital in the city.

                Over here, Fang Hui's expression was finally a little better.

                Xu Hanxia gave her an indignant look, "Mom, look for yourself, when it matters, who is the most reliable!"

                "You scold Lin Mo all day long and look down on him all day long."

                "As a result, when things really come up, it's who keeps thinking about our family!"

                Fang Hui sighed despondently and wiped her tears, "Hanxia, I was the one who was wrong."

                "I ...... I will definitely change in the future."

                "That, can you ...... call Lin Mo and ask him to try to hurry up."

                "This injured person, he must not die!"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Mom, they drive ah, you tell them to hurry up?"

                "Your nephew just had a car accident, do you want more accidents before you're satisfied!"

                "Your nephew is important, but my husband isn't?"