Medical Genius Chapter 772

 Xu Hanxia already knew about Wu Bing's search for Xu Jiankong to borrow a car, and she was sensitive to this matter.

                If Wu Bing had a driving licence and was stable, it would be fine to lend him a car.

                But this Wu Bing didn't have a driving licence and was so fidgety on a motorbike, how could Xu Hanxia lend him a car?

                "Xiaobing, you don't even have a driving licence, how can I lend you my car?"

                "You'll have to take the driving test first, and then we'll talk about it when you have a license."

                Xu Hanxia said casually and perfunctorily.

                Wu Bing immediately said, "Sister, it's okay, I'm not driving this time."

                "My girlfriend Jing Jing has a driving license, she knows how to drive."

                "One of her sisters is having a birthday party tonight, we're going to go there for the birthday party."

                "You can lend me your car, so that Jing Jing can also have some face!"

                Xu Hanxia was speechless, your girlfriend wanted to drive and she came to me to borrow it too?

                Besides, this girlfriend, how long have you known her?

                You've been back in China for less than two weeks, and you already have a girlfriend? Can this relationship be solid?

                Xu Hanxia said helplessly, "Xiaobing, I have to go to a business meeting today and I need a car."

                Wu Bing was immediately annoyed: "Sister, why are you like this?"

                "You're such a big chairman, why are you so stingy in what you do?"

                "The first time my girlfriend opened her mouth to borrow a car, you pushed and pushed."

                "What face do you want me to have in front of her in the future?"

                "Have you forgotten how my mother used to treat you?"

                "Aiya, this person, how can he be so ungrateful!"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Xiaobing, I ...... how am I ungrateful?"

                "You have said that I am the chairman of the board, my company has something to do, do I take a taxi to go ah?"

                Wu Bing said, "You won't drive your secretary's car, her Porsche will do!"

                Lin Mo said softly, "Then why don't you go and drive your father's car, his BMW is not bad either."

                With one sentence, Wu Bing could not say anything at once.

                After a long time, Wu Bing gritted his teeth and said, "I don't want to talk nonsense with you, one word, you borrow or not!"

                Xu Hanxia was annoyed, are you borrowing a car or robbing it? How can you directly threaten people like that?


                Xu Hanxia also replied dryly.

                Wu Bing was extremely annoyed and nodded vigorously, "Yes!"


                "Count on you guys!"

                "I don't believe it, I have to take this car today, I'll go find my second aunt!"

                Wu Fei Fei poked her head out of the house at this moment, "Second Aunt is not at home."

                Wu Bing couldn't help but be stunned, his backer was gone, what should he do?

                Wu Fei Fei said loudly, "Silly, second aunt is not at home, you won't call her?"

                "Right, by the way, tell second aunt that I'm packing up and going home."

                "Xu Hanxia is kicking me out, this house, I just can't live in it anymore! I've had enough!"

                Wu Bing immediately nodded, "Okay, you wait, I'll call Aunt Yee!"

                Xu Hanxia was dumbfounded, these two people were going to sue Fang Hui in front of her, right?

                However, she couldn't stop Wu Bing from calling.

                Xu Hanxia winked at Lin Mo and immediately dragged him out and drove off first.

                This way, even if Fang Hui calls back, Xu Hanxia will say that she drove out and Wu Bing won't be able to borrow the car.

                As expected, they had just left the neighborhood when they received a call from Fang Hui.

                "Hanxia, why are you so uncomfortable?"

                "Your third aunt's two children live in our house, they are close to us, this blood is thicker than water."

                "Why don't they go and live with someone else? It's because they are close to each other!"

                "How can you kick them out?"

                "If your third aunt knew that, she would be very upset!"

                Xu Hanxia was speechless: "Mom, they're living in our house, is that a good relationship?"

                "They do want to live in someone else's house, but will they let them?"