Medical Genius Chapter 770

 Xu Hanxia was anxious: "Mom, this is not a trivial matter."

                "Driving without a license, and riding that fast, seriously endangers traffic safety."

                "Once caught, you might have to go to jail!"

                Fang Hui froze for a moment, "Is this ...... so serious?"

                Xu Hanxia said indignantly, "What do you think?"

                "Besides, he's so hairy on a motorbike."

                "Once something happens, you're in danger yourself!"

                Fang Hui scratched her head, "Okay, then I'll call your third aunt about it."

                Fang Hui walked over to the sofa, took out her mobile phone and called Fang Ling.

                The two of them talked about family matters for half a day before getting to the point.

                As a result, Fang Ling just laughed and said, "Oh, riding a motorbike, it's nothing."

                "Xiaobing is a good driver, when he was abroad, he used to go out on motorbikes all the time."

                "It's fine, don't care."

                Fang Hui said, "But, if this is caught, it's illegal."

                Fang Ling smiled, "Oh, what's the big deal, what's the law?"

                "Kids like to play!"

                "When we were abroad, nothing ever happened."

                "You know, they take that more seriously abroad, but it's still fine."

                "He's been back for so long, riding for so long, and nothing has happened either."

                Only then did Fang Hui breathe a sigh of relief: "It's good that it's okay."

                When she hung up the phone, Xu Hanxia looked indignant: "Mom, is that all?"

                "Just because she says it's okay?"

                Fang Hui said, "Aiya, Xiaobing is your third aunt's son, your third aunt must be much more worried than us."

                "Don't worry, if your third aunt says it's fine, then it's definitely fine!"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Mum, you can just spoil him!"

                "Anyway, I'm putting my words down here."

                "If anything happens to him, I don't care, and don't come looking for me!"

                With these words, Xu Hanxia went upstairs in a huff.

                Fang Hui was indignant: "Aiya, you child, how can you talk?"

                "That's your cousin, how can you treat him like that?"

                "Have you forgotten how your third aunt treated you when you were a child ......"

                Xu Hanxia closed the door to her room, she really didn't care to listen to these words anymore.

                These past few days, her ears had grown calluses.

                Lin Mo sat in the room, seeing Xu Hanxia's appearance, he couldn't help but laugh lightly, "What's wrong, mum isn't listening to you again?"

                Xu Hanxia looked helpless, "The two of them, they are too spoiled for little Bing."

                "This way, sooner or later, something will happen!"

                Lin Mo said softly, "These two kids, they're too selfish."

                "They won't listen to anything you say."

                "The only way to be honest in the future is to suffer a loss once."

                Xu Hanxia said anxiously, "But this kind of thing, if something happens, it's not a joke."

                Lin Mo shrugged his shoulders, "Then what can you do?"

                "People's parents don't care, what else can you do?"

                Xu Hanxia was also helpless.

                Third Aunt and Third Uncle didn't even care, what else could she do?

                Lin Mo smiled and came over to Xu Hanxia's side, "Alright, don't get angry over this."

                "I see that you seem to be annoyed these days."

                Xu Hanxia said in an unpleasant manner, "With these two masters living in our house, can we not be annoyed?"

                "I still have to serve them all day long, I get angry when I see them!"

                Lin Mo laughed, "Since you don't want to see them, why don't you run away with me?"

                Xu Hanxia gave him a blank look, "What's the point of eloping?"

                "Some time ago, when I said I wanted to leave, you still wouldn't go."

                "Now that you want to elope, where are you going?"

                Lin Mo laughed, "Wangjiang Garden!"

                "Didn't I tell you, I have a house there!"

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but smile, "Fine, fine, I know you have a house there."

                "Then let's find some time some day, let's pack our things and elope there, okay?"

                Xu Hanxia, still felt that Lin Mo was joking.