Medical Genius Chapter 769

 Three glasses went into his stomach, and Lin Mo did not change a bit.

                The man at the head of the group was a little shaken, after all, the degree of this white wine was not low.

                Wu Fei Fei was a little confused.

                She thought that Lin Mo was only half a catty, what was the situation now?

                However, thinking about the fact that Lin Mo had already drunk three glasses, how long could he last?

                She gave a wink to the other two men.

                These two men also immediately ran over and wanted to drink with Lin Mo.

                As a result, the two men, one after the other, drank three glasses with Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo remained unharmed, but the three men, all of them, were a little shaken.

                Fei Fei Wu was frozen, what kind of drinking capacity was Lin Mo?

                At this moment, Lin Mo lifted his cup again, "Three, just now you were the ones toasting me, now it's my turn to toast you!"

                "Come on, one of you drink three more cups!"

                The three men swayed, their faces changing.

                Three more drinks and they would have to fall down.

                Wu Fei Fei hurriedly said, "Aiya, brother-in-law, this wine thing, why drink so much?"

                "Just enjoy yourself."

                "Come, come, eat the food, eat the food!"

                Lin Mo said directly, "The three of them, one only drank three cups."

                "I alone, drank nine cups."

                "Did I enjoy myself or did they enjoy themselves?"

                "Since the guests are here, they must be well entertained."

                "Otherwise, if word gets out, won't it make people think that our Xu family didn't entertain our guests well?"

                Xu Hanxia smiled and nodded, "Honey, you're right."

                "Since it's a friend brought by Fifi, it must be taken care of, it's about Fifi's face."

                "Come on, keep drinking."

                "We just said it, whoever doesn't drink is a grandson!"

                "You three, you don't want to be grandchildren, do you?"

                The three men looked furious and all said viciously, "Damn it, who's afraid of who?"

                "Come on, drink to death!"

                Lin Mo sneered and directly drank three more glasses with each of them.

                This time, Lin Mo drank twelve cups, while the three men, each drank six cups.

                One of the men, directly ran outside and threw up.

                The other two, fell to the ground unconscious.

                Six cups, that was two or three pounds.

                When Fei Fei Wu saw this, she was instantly annoyed: "Lin Mo, you ...... are going too far you!"

                "My friends are here for the first time, how can you pour them alcohol like this?"

                "Look at how they've been drinking, what kind of people they are!"

                Lin Mo said coldly, "Just now it was the three of them who wheeled around with me, three people poured me one person, how is this me going too far?"

                "Three people together couldn't even drink me, it can only be said that your friends are too rubbish, can you still blame me for being too good at drinking?"

                Wu Fei Fei stuttered for a moment, unable to speak for a long time.

                In the end, the man who was vomiting outside even started to vomit blood.

                They had no choice but to call an ambulance and drag all three men away.

                Wu Fei Fei furiously followed him to the hospital, leaving Lin Mo with the words, "Lin, we'll see about that!"

                Lin Mo did not care at all.

                Tonight, he was already being polite.

                Otherwise, these three people would not simply be sent to the hospital, they might have to stay there for a long time.

                If you come here as guests for dinner, Lin Mo would not care.

                However, if you want to bully my wife, then you will have to pay the price in blood!

                When the meal was over, Wu Bing took Jing Jing and left first.

                Xu Hanxia tried to stop him from riding his motorbike, but Wu Bing didn't listen at all and roared away straight away.

                With a helpless face, Xu Hanxia said to Fang Hui, "Mum, we need to talk to Third Aunt about this."

                "Little Bing doesn't have a driving licence, and riding a motorbike like this is illegal."

                "If anything happens, it will be a problem!"

                Fang Hui looked bewildered, "It's not that bad, is it?"

                "It's just a motorbike!"

                "Kids like to have fun, it's normal."

                "You're making too much of a big deal out of it!"