Medical Genius Chapter 764

 A steady stream of dishes were brought up in the back.

                This time, no matter what was brought up, the few members of the Wu family just buried their heads and ate, never commenting again.

                Even if it was just a plate of vegetable salad that was brought up, they ate non-stop.

                A chef is a chef, his cooking is really extraordinary.

                As for the case of Maotai, it was also all demolished by the Wu family, and not a single bit of it was left.

                Moreover, it was mainly drunk by a few members of the Wu family.

                Wu Weiguo Wu Fei Fei Wu Bing were all so drunk that their tongues were in knots and they couldn't even speak in one piece.

                After eating, these four people, in the end, ran to stay at Lin Mo's villa again.

                Although they had been allocated a house, they hadn't packed it up yet, so they couldn't move in for the time being.

                Xu Jiangong was annoyed at this situation, but in the end, he could not say anything.

                In fact, these four people lived in Lin Mo's house for two weeks before they moved out.

                The house that the company had given them was a three-room house.

                The environment was not bad, but it depended on where it was compared to!

                Compared to the Shengshi Mansion, the three-room apartment was just like a dilapidated hut.

                Wu Fei Fei Wu Bing stayed there for one night and couldn't take it anymore, so she ran to Lin Mo's house early the next morning.

                The excuse is to spend more time with second aunt, in fact, to put it bluntly, just want to stay here.

                After all, this is a big villa, well-decorated and with a swimming pool, much better than that cramped three-roomed room.

                Wu Weiguo Fang Ling is very dignified, so naturally he can't come and live here, but he still has to come over every now and then for a meal or something.

                As for the meal they said they would invite back, they later chose an ordinary restaurant, with wine and together, for 3,000 yuan to get it done.

                And during this time, Wu Weiguo and the others finally got to know the current situation of the Xu family and the value of Xu Pharmaceutical.

                Wu Fei Fei Wu Bing and the others, their attitude towards the Xu family immediately changed.

                Previously, they were dismissive of the Xu family, but now, they were all kinds of fawning over the Xu family.

                After all, the value of Xu Pharmaceutical was even higher than the value of Wu Weiguo's company!

                If you have such a chairman's cousin, if you are good enough, you might even be able to go in and become a management or something.

                Lin Mo didn't care about such a situation.

                During this period of time, he stayed at the Shengshi Mansion at night and spent most of his time at Wangjiang Garden during the day.

                Lin Xi's health was getting better day by day.

                Lin Mo was also planning to bring Xu Hanxia to Wangjiang Garden in a few days.

                On this day, Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia had just returned to the entrance of the Shengshi Mansion when they heard the sound of a locomotive roaring like a thunderstorm.

                The two turned their heads to look and saw a young man riding a street-blowing motorbike, roaring to life.

                He was followed by a girl with long, flowing hair, heavily made up and looking rather dusty.

                The motorbike came straight at him, and Lin Mo frowned, immediately pulling Xu Hanxia back a little.

                Luckily, the motorbike stopped in time and the young man on the bike took off his helmet, and it was none other than Wu Bing.

                "Sister, off work?"

                Wu Bing asked smilingly.

                When the girl behind her saw the Centurion Mansion and the Maserati driven by Xu Hanxia, her eyes lit up and she became even more intimate with Wu Bing.

                Xu Hanxia frowned slightly: "Xiaobing, where did this motorbike come from?"

                Wu Bing: "Oh, it's a friend's, I borrowed it for a drive."

                "It's quite fun, when I was abroad, I especially liked to play with these things."

                "But all I rode back then were Harleys."

                "This kind of low-end motorbike, I rarely ride."

                Xu Hanxia: "Do you have a driving licence?"

                Wu Bing: "Aiya, it's just a motorbike ride, what do you need a license for?"

                "This thing, it's too easy."

                Xu Hanxia got anxious: "How can you ride around without a driver's licence?"

                "You're breaking the law!"