Medical Genius Chapter 763

 "Is this fried rice with egg?"

                "I ...... have never had such delicious egg fried rice before!"

                Fang Ling said as she ate, quickly finishing her bowl.

                Wu Weiguo frowned and said dissatisfiedly, "Is it that exaggerated?"

                "An egg fried rice, do you have to be like this?"

                Saying that, Wu Weiguo tasted a bite himself.

                As a result, he couldn't stop after this bite.

                Seeing this, Wu Bing immediately took a bite as well and also fell straight after.

                "It's so delicious!"

                "I've never eaten anything so delicious!"

                Wu Bing exclaimed as he stuffed rice into his mouth.

                Everyone was busy eating.

                Fei Fei Wu was confused, was it really this delicious?

                With doubts, she picked up her own bowl, which contained some rice that Fang Ling had served her.

                Wu Fei Fei tasted a bite and also fell straight into it.

                "Oh my god, this ...... is really egg fried rice?"

                "How did you make it so delicious?"

                Wu Fei Fei marveled as she wolfed down her bowl and finished it.

                However, when she was ready to serve it again, she found that the plate of fried rice with eggs was now finely finished.

                Her brother, Wu Bing, was now holding the plate and scraping the remaining bit from it into his own bowl.

                Fei Fei Wu was going mad: "You guys ...... how do you eat so fast?"

                "I've only had one bite and it's gone?"

                Xu Dongxue bristled, "Just now I asked you to eat, but you were the one who said you wouldn't eat."

                "We saw that you didn't eat it, so we couldn't waste it, so we ate it for you."

                Wu Fei Fei was almost vomiting blood, if she had known that this egg fried rice was so delicious, then how could she not eat it?

                Fang Hui sighed, "It's really an extraordinary dish made by the chef of Haojiang."

                "This bowl of fried rice with eggs, in a place like this, selling for 18,000, should be normal."

                Fang Ling Wu Weiguo couldn't even refute it, there was no way, it was just too delicious.

                Wu Bing licked his lips, "It's just too little."

                "Waiter, can you serve us another one?"

                Wu Fei Fei's eyes immediately widened, her face full of hope: "One portion is not enough, serve two more, no, five!"

                The waiter had a difficult look on his face, "Everyone, I'm really sorry."

                "This Hao Jiang chef only fries ten bowls of fried rice with eggs a day, and this is already the tenth bowl."

                Fei Fei Wu said indignantly, "What kind of rule is that?"

                "You let him fry, it's not like he doesn't pay!"

                "I don't believe it, how can he not want it if he pays for it?"

                The waiter shook his head, "This lady, it really can't be fried."

                "Because the ingredients for these egg fried rice need to be prepared and marinated a day in advance."

                "Today's ingredients are already sold out, if you really want to eat, you can only come back tomorrow!"

                Wu Fei Fei was completely confused, it looked like serving another one was out of the question.

                Just like that, she herself had missed out on such a delicacy without realising it?

                Fang Ling frowned, "Such a delicious egg fried rice, won't you guys ask him to prepare more ingredients?"

                "Only ten bowls a day, how is that enough?"

                Waiter: "That's that chef's rule, there's no way anyone can change it."

                "When he used to be in Haojiang, Mr Ho invited the latex king of Thailand to dinner."

                "At that time, the latex king wanted him to fry another portion, but he didn't even do it."

                The crowd was silent.

                The Thai latex king, that was a famous tycoon in Asia.

                Such a character, the human chef did not even give face, let alone them.

                "Forget it, move on to other dishes!"

                Fei Fei Wu waved her hand helplessly, still remorseful in her heart.

                If she had started earlier, she wouldn't have lost it after just one bite.

                The aroma of that egg fried rice was still reverberating in her mouth now, making her regret more and more.

                However, she had learned to be resourceful now and never put her chopsticks down in her hand.

                She had planned to start with the next dish.

                When it comes to eating, it's better to strike first than to suffer later!