Medical Genius Chapter 761

 Hearing Wu Fei Fei's words, Xu Dongxue almost mocked again.

                What about trying someone else's cooking tonight? To put it bluntly, she just couldn't afford to spend money and wanted to dilly-dally with this meal.

                However, Fang Hui had long ago pressed Xu Dongxue's hand, not allowing her to speak at all.

                Fang Ling's face was a little embarrassed: "Is this ...... this appropriate?"

                Fang Hui immediately said, "Aiya, it's fine, we're all family, what's not appropriate!"

                "Lin Mo, what do you mean?"

                In such matters, Lin Mo certainly had to give Fang Hui face.

                He smiled and nodded, "Sure."

                "It's hard to come across a chef from Haojiang, it's not bad to try his handiwork."

                Fang Hui was instantly happy and smiling, looking at Lin Mo and feeling much smoother.

                Other than that, at least these few days, it had saved a lot of face for her sister's family ah.

                Manager Xie immediately said, "Mr. Lin, it's settled then."

                "I'll make the arrangements."

                "By the way, what's the wine?"

                "The boss has just recently brought in a few cases of Maotai, I'll carry a case over for you?"

                Wu Fei Fei immediately said, "What kind of Maotai do you drink?"

                "How can you serve such low-end wine in such a high-end restaurant?"

                "If you're eating here, you should drink at least 82 years of Lafite to match."

                "I just saw on that menu of yours that there is an eighty-two year old Lafite, you can bring a few bottles over directly."

                Manager Xie hesitated for a moment and whispered, "This lady, these Maotai, the value of a bottle is 300,000 upwards."

                Wu Fei Fei was dumbfounded, she was abroad and prided herself on having seen the world.

                However, she hadn't really thought that a bottle of white wine, could be sold at this price!

                "You ...... you're bragging, right?"

                Fei Fei Wu exclaimed.

                Manager Xie calmly said, "This young lady, what I said is true."

                "These cases of Maotai were just recently taken down from the auction by our boss."

                Fei Fei Wu said, "No, I ...... mean, how can white wine be so expensive?"

                Manager Xie said, "Because, this batch of Maotai, was produced in 1965!"

                At this statement, Wu Weiguo's face suddenly changed.

                This vintage of wine, not to mention Maotai, even Er Potou, would cost a fortune now.

                His boss had also bought some of this kind of wine.

                However, his boss could not drink it at all, he kept it at home to collect it for future appreciation.

                When he used to go to his boss's house, his boss could show off his wine cellar more than once, so Wu Weiguo knew very well the value of this white wine.

                Now, people were directly sending a case over to drink?

                This Supreme Card, was it that valuable?

                Xu Dongxue said slowly, "Manager Xie, there's no need to get busy."

                "My cousin said that we're all driving tonight, so we can't drink."

                Wu Bing was so angry that his face turned red.

                Hundreds of thousands of dollars a bottle of Maotai, even if he didn't drink it, he still had to use it for posing.

                Besides, he had to try this kind of wine, for a sip was ten or twenty thousand dollars.

                Was he going to miss out on such a good thing?

                Luckily, Manager Xie smiled and said, "It's okay, our shop, we provide a service to send cars home."

                Wu Bing seized the opportunity and immediately said, "Really?"

                "That's great!"

                "Since they can help with the chauffeuring, then we can drink openly."

                Wu Fei Fei also nodded her head repeatedly, she was in a more urgent mood than Wu Bing.

                Xu Dongxue skimmed her lips, and was utterly contemptuous of this family to the extreme.

                Lin Mo didn't care about this and nodded, "Manager Xie, you can arrange it then."

                Manager Xie nodded respectfully, "Yes, Mr. Lin, gentlemen, you wait a moment."

                Manager Xie retreated, and it wasn't long before the waiter came in carrying a case of Maotai.

                The packaging, looked old to the extreme.

                The year on it, too, was clearly written, 1965!

                Wu Fei Fei immediately took out her mobile phone, "Xiaobing, quick, take a picture for me."

                "Make sure you get a picture of this logo!"