Medical Genius Chapter 760

 Seeing Xu Dongxue about to start ordering dishes, Wu Fei Fei immediately became anxious: "Don't."

                "Don ...... t order the signature dish."

                "I see that the signature dishes here are actually ...... actually not very good."

                "How about ...... how about we order something homemade?"

                "Mom, don't you always say you want to eat home-cooked food?"

                Wu Fei Fei said, giving a wink towards Fang Ling.

                Fang Ling understood and immediately laughed, "Aiya, yes."

                "When I was abroad, I always couldn't eat home cooking, so I especially miss it."

                "Just order something homemade."

                Xu Dongxue bristled, "Third Aunt, didn't you say last night that you were no longer used to eating home cooking?"

                Fang Ling was instantly embarrassed.

                Fang Hui glared at Xu Dongxue, "Don't you talk any more!"

                "Ling, ignore her."

                "You haven't been back for so many years, it's only right that you eat some home-cooked food."

                "Fei Fei, just order something home-cooked, don't order too much!"

                "I'm not really hungry tonight, and your aunt's husband had quite a lot of dim sum in the afternoon, so I don't think he'll be able to eat much."

                Xu Jiangong was confused, when did I eat dim sum?

                However, this could not be said now.

                He knew that Fang Hui was saving face for Fang Ling!

                Wu Fei Fei was overjoyed and immediately looked through the home-cooked dishes at the back.

                However, after flipping down once, she still had no way to start.

                Home-cooked food, it wasn't cheap!

                Wu Bing suddenly said, "Oh, right, we're all driving tonight, so let's not drink any wine."

                Xu Dongxue immediately muttered, "Now that we have a chauffeur, we're still afraid of drinking?"

                "Besides, when you come to such a high-end place to party, how can you not drink, I, ouch ......"

                Fang Hui pinched her hard, causing Xu Dongxue to grimace in pain.

                Fang Hui laughed, "Good, it's good not to drink."

                "We drank too much last night, we're mainly talking."

                "It's not a business function, why drink so much wine!"

                The Wu family were all filled with joy, not drinking would save them a lot of money.

                Wu Fei Fei took the menu and carefully calculated what to order in order to save the most.

                However, after looking at it, she still couldn't order the food.

                There was no way, no matter how she ordered, the meal, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

                Just when she was embarrassed, someone suddenly came in from outside, and it was the manager of Yi Pin Xuan, Xie.

                As soon as Manager Xie entered, he immediately apologised, "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "I went out just now and ran some errands."

                "I didn't know about your coming over, so I couldn't come back in time to receive you, please forgive me!"

                Manager Xie was sweating profusely and looked like he had just come back from running outside.

                This Manager Xie, usually talked and laughed with all those billionaires.

                However, in front of Lin Mo, he always remained respectful!

                Lin Mo smiled, "No harm done."

                "We're just a family here for a family gathering, your waiters have made very considerate arrangements."

                Manager Xie glanced at the waiter in satisfaction.

                The waiter was overjoyed, with this compliment from Lin Mo, this month's bonus would definitely not be less.

                "Mr. Lin, you haven't ordered yet, have you?"

                "How about I arrange it for you?"

                "Tonight, we have a great chef from Haojiang in our shop to exchange cooking skills with our chefs."

                "It's a rare opportunity, I'll ask him to cook some of his best dishes for you, how about that?"

                Manager Xie said with a smile.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, but Wu Fei Fei immediately said, "The big chef from Haojiang, how's the cooking?"

                "Are the dishes expensive?"

                Manager Xie immediately said, "When Mr. Lin comes to eat, all spending is free of charge."

                This was what Fei Fei Wu wanted, and she immediately looked at Fang Ling: "Mom, I don't know how the food at Hao Jiang is."

                "Why don't we try someone else's cooking?"

                "Tonight, let brother-in-law make the arrangements, and we'll invite them back tomorrow?"