Medical Genius Chapter 759

 Wu Weiguo did a quick calculation in his mind.

                For a meal here, even if he didn't order anything too expensive and didn't drink, it would be 40,000 to 50,000.

                If he drank, it would be hard to say.

                Even the cheapest wine on this menu started at 30,000.

                With two bottles at random, wouldn't that be more than 100,000 for the meal?

                If he ordered those signature dishes, I'm afraid it would be 200,000 to 300,000.

                His blood pressure was now a little high, and he really couldn't understand what was going on in the country.

                Didn't they say that they couldn't even afford to eat tea-leaf eggs?

                How come a meal can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars now?

                This Wu Weiguo did not know that these restaurants he had come to were the highest end restaurants in Guangyang City.

                This Yipinxuan, in particular, was second only to the Times Hotel.

                The people who came here, multi-millionaires, could only be considered an entry level class.

                Most of them were big shots with hundreds of millions, or even billions and billions of dollars.

                For these big shots, a meal of more than a hundred thousand dollars was nothing.

                However, for Wu Weiguo, a so-called returnee, a meal of more than 100,000 would be too extravagant.

                After all, he was only a wage earner, not a big boss!

                Wu Weiguo was now regretting why he had brought them to such a high-end place for dinner?

                He even boasted that he would treat himself?

                This is not asking for trouble!

                Wu Fei Fei sat next to him and saw her father not saying anything with the menu, so she became anxious: "Dad, hurry up and place your order."

                "I'm starving!"

                Wu Weiguo looked embarrassed, he wanted to order a dish, but there was no way to start.

                Look at one dish, thousands of dollars, look at one, thousands of dollars, how could this be ordered?

                There were more than a dozen people at the scene, they must have eaten more than a dozen dishes in one meal.

                He was in pain just looking at the price!

                Wu Fei Fei said a few words, seeing that Wu Weiguo still didn't order, he directly snatched the menu over.

                "Forget it, I'll order it."

                "You, why are you always having trouble choosing?"

                "It's just a matter of ordering a dish, just ask them to bring up all the signature dishes."

                "It's not a big deal, look at your hesitation."

                "I ......"

                Wu Fei Fei's voice suddenly stopped because, she also looked clearly at the price on the menu.

                After freezing for a moment, Wu Fei Fei jumped straight up, "Ouch I go, are you kidding?"

                "A cold dish, one thousand eight hundred?"

                "Is this cold dish of yours made of gold?"

                The waiter's expression was calm, he had been used to this price for a long time.

                "Hello, the price of the cold dish is set according to the chef's ability."

                "Our chef, who is the descendant of the former Imperial Palace Master Chef, has won the first prize in the domestic chef competition."

                "Many gentlemen and celebrities are proud to have eaten his dishes."

                "Even Mr Li from Hong Kong Island and Mr Ho from Haojiang have come across the sea specifically to eat his cooking."

                "You are in a supreme private room to enjoy his cooking."

                "Other than that, even with a Diamond Card, you can't eat his cooking!"

                The waiter returned calmly.

                Wu Fei Fei's eyes widened as she looked through the menu, and she finally understood why her father did not order the dishes.

                She looked through it all with a chill down her back.

                How much would this meal cost?

                She suddenly regretted it now, had she known that she had just agreed to let Lin Mo make the arrangements, then wouldn't the bill have been waived?

                Wu Fei Fei took the menu, but she couldn't order a single dish for a long time.

                Wu Bing frowned, "Sister, are you going to order or not?"

                "Or else, I'll do it."

                Wu Bing grabbed the menu, and soon, like Wu Fei Fei, he was directly frozen.

                All the people in the room were looking at them, and Xu Dongxue smiled darkly, "Cousin, cousin, you guys order instead."

                "I'm hungry after running so far."

                "Didn't they say one signature dish each, I reckon there's enough signature dishes for the few of us."

                "How about just ordering the signature dish?"