Medical Genius Chapter 758

 These words were actually a reminder to Wu Fei Fei that if Lin Mo arranged it, then the meal would be free.

                Wu Fei Fei was furious in form, "Who are you looking down on?"

                "Do you know where we've come back from?"

                "I'm telling you, we've just come back from abroad!"

                "We were abroad, what haven't we seen?"

                "Now you need to pay free for a meal here?"

                "When we eat abroad, we always settle the bill in US dollars, what's this small amount of yours?"

                Fang Hui kindly reminded, "Fei Fei, actually he didn't mean that."

                "After all, we are a family, so if you can save a little, it's for your own good!"

                Wu Fei Fei immediately felt her pride was hurt and said angrily, "Second Aunt, even you talk like that?"

                "What, you really think our family is so poor that you can't even afford a meal?"

                "Yes, that's right, your family is quite rich now."

                "But, you can't look down on us either!"

                Fang Hui hurriedly said, "Fei Fei, that's not what I meant ......"

                Fang Ling waved her hand, "Aiya, come on, stop arguing."

                "Fei Fei, I still know your second aunt's character, she definitely didn't mean it, she genuinely means it for our good."

                "However, since this says it's our treat, then this meal, surely we have to spend money."

                "It's just a meal, Hui, just forget about it."

                Fang Hui could only choose to be silent.

                Wu Weiguo gave an atmospheric wave of his hand, "Go, bring me the menu!"

                The waiter looked towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo nodded slightly, and only then did the waiter retreat.

                Wu Fei Fei had an indignant and discontented look on her face, "Dog-eyed fellow."

                "Hmph, do you really think that because we are holding a silver card, we are easy to bully?"

                "We've just returned to China, that's why we took the silver card."

                "Wait for a while, I'll get a Supreme Card too, then, I'll see if he still dares to talk to me like that!"

                Xu Dongxue sneered, "Cousin has ambition!"

                "I hope you can get a Supreme Card too, don't let me down!"

                Wu Fei Fei heard the mockery in Xu Dongxue's tone and couldn't help but be annoyed, "Hmph, you'll see."

                "It's just a Supreme Card, what's the big deal!"

                "We came back from abroad, if we can't even get a Supreme Card, wouldn't I have lived all these years, abroad, in vain!"

                Xu Dongxue sneered, and beside her, Xu Jiankong was also speechless.

                This Wu Fei Fei, how did she develop such an arrogant and cocky personality!

                At every turn, the word "back from abroad" was on her lips... You're great at going abroad for a trip?

                Not long after, the waiter returned with the menu.

                With an arrogant face, Wu Weiguo took the menu and casually handed it to Xu Jiankong: "Brother-in-law, you order first."

                "Order whatever you like, no need to be polite with me!"

                Xu Jiangong brushed aside his mouth, "There's nothing I want to eat either."

                "You guys can order as you see fit."

                After some excuses, the menu ended up in Wu Weiguo's hands.

                Wu Weiguo smiled, "Since everyone has asked me to order, then I will definitely not let you down."

                "Today we are having a family gathering, the main thing is to have fun, it doesn't matter how much money we spend!"

                "Waiter, come on, give me an introduction to what you have here in terms of specialty dishes."

                "That's right, it must be the most expensive!"

                The waiter said respectfully, "Sir, the first two pages of the menu, they are all our specialties, take a look."

                "If there is anything you need, you can just tell me directly."

                Wu Weiguo opened the menu and took a glance at it, and immediately drew a breath of cold air.

                He had originally thought that the prices here would not be too expensive, after all, the situation at Food for the Sky last night was very special.

                However, when he saw the prices on this menu, he was dumbfounded himself.

                The price here was at least twice as high as Food for Heaven!