Medical Genius Chapter 756

 It didn't take long for Wu Weiguo's car to arrive at the entrance of Yipin Xuan.

                Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia looked at each other and both of them smiled.

                It was really Yi Pin Xuan!

                At this moment, Xu Dongxue also got out of the car and looked at the signboard of Yipin Xuan: "My goodness!"

                "The place you guys are talking about, is this the place?"

                Wu Bing Wu Fei Fei didn't hear the mockery in Xu Dongxue's tone and laughed, "Cousin, why are you so excited?"

                "Oh, is it that you've often heard people talk about it before, but have never been inside?"

                "It's alright, we'll take you in tonight to open your eyes!"

                Xu Dongxue rolled her eyes, she didn't even bother to speak.

                Wu Weiguo straightened his clothes and walked ahead with his head held high, smiling, "You guys follow me."

                "It's a membership system inside, only my membership card can take you guys in."

                "Right, it's very high-end inside, don't talk nonsense when you go in!"

                Xu Jiangong and the others were rolling their eyes, only Fang Hui maintained their face, "Okay, okay, no problem."

                "Aiya, you guys, don't talk nonsense later."

                "Third Aunt has been so kind to you all, be grateful!"

                With these words, she was actually hinting to Xu Dongxue and the others that they must not tear down Wu Weiguo, lest they be embarrassed.

                For this sister, Fang Hui had really hollowed out her heart and lungs.

                Xu Dongxue brushed aside her mouth, not bothering to speak.

                Under Wu Weiguo's leadership, the crowd walked to the entrance of Yipin Xuan.

                The waiter at the door greeted them, "Hello, is there a member ......"

                Before the words were finished, the waiter froze.

                Wu Weiguo, on the other hand, handed over the membership card he had prepared long ago and smiled, "There is a membership card, take a look."

                The waiter did not take the membership card, but hurriedly ran to Lin Mo Xu Hanxia and said in a respectful voice, "Mr. Lin, Mr. Xu, you two are here?"

                "The Supreme Room upstairs is still empty, so how about I have someone arrange it for you two?"

                At this moment, Wu Weiguo and the others froze.

                Fei Fei Wu said sharply, "Hey, what are you doing?"

                "My dad is the one with the membership card, what's the point of you ...... telling them?"

                The waiter gave her a look and said politely, "Excuse me."

                "There are levels of membership for our Yipinxuan!"

                "High-ranking members are to be given priority."

                "Mr. Lin is our supreme member here, enjoying the highest level of treatment, everything has to be arranged for Mr. Lin and the others first!"

                "Wait a moment, I'll come over and arrange for you once I've arranged for Mr. Lin and the others."

                Fei Fei Wu's eyes widened, "What ...... what Supreme Member?"

                "What supreme treatment?"

                "What are you ...... you talking about?"

                Xu Dongxue skimmed her lips, "Still don't understand?"

                "This place, we're all tired of coming here."

                "I thought it was some new place, but it turns out to be Yipinxuan."

                "The membership card here, our whole family, one for each of us."

                "Lin Mo's membership card, or the Supreme Card, is the highest level of membership here, there are only three Supreme Cards in the entire Guang Province."

                "Ming doesn't understand?"

                Xu Dongxue's words were not at all false.

                Ever since they knew that Lin Mo had a Supreme Card, they had been pestering Lin Mo to come and get the card for them.

                Now, the Xu family really did have a membership card for everyone, and even Huang Liang had one.

                Several members of the Wu family froze at once.

                Wu Fei Fei looked at Wu Weiguo: "Dad, is this ...... membership for this place so good?"

                "Have you been cheated by the owner?"

                Wu Weiguo said sharply, "No way!"

                "Lucia told me, it's hard to get a membership card here."

                "She spent a lot of money and asked for a lot of connections to get it."

                Fei Fei Wu said anxiously, "Really?"

                "Look, they have one in hand, this ...... this is even harder to get?"

                Wu Weiguo was dumbfounded, he really couldn't understand what was going on either.