Medical Genius Chapter 755

 When they arrived home, Wu Weiguo and Fang Ling were already sitting in the living room.

                The two of them were full of spring in their faces and seemed to be very pleased with themselves.

                There was also a BMW SUV parked in the yard outside.

                Fang Ling was full of smugness, "Wei Guo, their boss, is very attached to Wei Guo."

                "This is not the case, today just went over, and first gave Wei Guo a BMW to take his place."

                "The car isn't great, but it's better than nothing."

                Fang Hui nodded her head repeatedly, "That's very good."

                "It's still brother-in-law's ability, otherwise, how would the boss give away a car?"

                Wu Weiguo's expression was slightly embarrassed.

                In fact, it was not because the boss valued him that he was able to get the car, but because of Song Zhilan last night.

                Wu Weiguo had just gone to report to work when Lucia called him over and asked him about his relationship with Song Zhilan.

                Wu Weiguo is also a resourceful person and immediately said that his niece and Song Zhi Lan are best friends and have a good relationship.

                On hearing this, Lucia immediately gave Wu Weiguo the car and promoted him to a higher position.

                The main reason for this was the project with the Yun Chuang Group, a project that would affect the life and death of their company.

                Therefore, Wu Weiguo's car was actually obtained in exchange for Lin Mo's connections, and had nothing to do with his own abilities!

                Of course, the people inside the room did not know about these circumstances.

                Wu Bing Wu Fei Fei was so proud that he took a bunch more photos and sent them to his circle of friends, showing off all kinds of things.

                Lin Mo Xu Hanxia looked on, all speechless.

                What kind of life were these people living abroad?

                "Well, since Hanxia is back, let's go eat."

                "You guys arranged it last night, I'll arrange it tonight!"

                "I'll take you all to a nice place tonight, make sure you've never been there before!"

                Wu Weiguo said mysteriously.

                Xu Dongxue was surprised, "Oh?"

                "What kind of place is it, so mysterious?"

                Wu Weiguo smiled, "It's not a simple place."

                "Our boss said that in Guangyang City, there are only a handful of people who can go to this place."

                "I also got my boss's membership card to get in."

                "This membership card is not the same as the one you had last night."

                "Last night at Food for Heaven, you could get a membership card for half a million dollars!"

                "The place we went to tonight, you couldn't get a membership card even if you spent five million."

                Several people in the room were surprised, there were still such places in Guangyang City?

                Wu Fei Fei was excited, "Dad, then this place, it must be higher end than that Food for Heaven last night, right?"

                "The place your boss chose is definitely a good place."

                "Hahahaha, I'll take Second Aunt and the others over there tonight to see what it's like."

                Wu Bing nodded as he said, "Fine, Aunt Yee treated us to dinner last night, let's treat them back tonight."

                "Second Aunt, don't look at the fact that you live in Guangyang City."

                "But there are some places that you can't just go to when you say so."

                Xu Jian Gong looked unconvinced and stepped his head to the side, not bothering to pay attention to him.

                Wu Weiguo smiled and nodded, "Alright, let's go."

                "You guys just follow behind me in a while!"

                Lin Mo Xu Hanxia looked at each other speechless, in fact the two of them really didn't want to go to this meal.

                Just this villainous look of Wu Weiguo's family made them want to vomit when they looked at them.

                However, if they didn't go now, then it was definitely impossible.

                Wu Weiguo drove ahead, and the Xu family, in their two cars, followed behind.

                After walking for a while, Lin Mo felt a little strange: "Huh, isn't this the road to Yixin Xuan?"

                Xu Hanxia was also bewildered, "It seems to be."

                "The place they were talking about, it wouldn't be Yipin Xuan, would it?"

                Lin Mo scratched his head as he suddenly remembered.

                The membership card for Yipin Xuan was indeed not made with money.

                The membership cards there could only be obtained by people of a certain status.

                This situation was exactly the same as what Wu Weiguo had said.

                Could it be that the mysterious place Wu Weiguo was talking about was One Piece Xuan?

                That would be so interesting!