Medical Genius Chapter 751

 While everyone sat in the living room drinking tea, Fei Fei Wu and Bing Wu ran upstairs and downstairs.

                This was the first time they had been in such a mansion and it was an eye-opener for them.

                Wu Fei Fei Wu Bing specifically took pictures of the swimming pool outside, the rooms upstairs and downstairs, the terrace, and also sat outside in the two cars to take various pictures.

                After that, once again, they sent a circle of friends to show off.

                The previous circle of friends had already received countless likes and comments.

                The following were all envious and jealous.

                In Wu Fei Fei's circle of friends, many rich youngsters, have started to show their affection for her.

                And in Wu Bing's circle of friends, those girls, even more dryly, sent him separate messages to ask him out.

                It was a situation that made the two men's vanity, greatly satisfied.

                The second circle of friends was sent out and once again shook those friends of theirs.

                The villa, the pool, gave them another boost in their circle of friends.

                Even the owner's daughter, Lucia, liked their circle of friends, making the two even more ecstatic.

                The few people in the room chatted for a while, and seeing that it was getting late, Fang Hui said, "Ling, why don't we have Lin Mo send the few of them to the hotel first."

                "You'll stay here for the night and we'll have a good chat?"

                At this moment, Wu Fei Fei and Wu Bing happened to enter the house.

                Wu Fei Fei immediately said, "Second Aunt, don't bother."

                "You and my mother haven't seen each other for so many years, it's time to have a good chat together."

                "How about this, we'll stay here tonight too."

                "After all, it's family, we should get together and bond."

                Wu Weiguo also nodded his head repeatedly, he was originally very proud of his four-star hotel.

                However, now that he saw such a luxurious villa, he felt that his hotel was simply rubbish.

                At this time, he really didn't want to stay in that hotel any more.

                When Fang Hui heard this, she was overjoyed, "Aiyo, that's great."

                "Come, come, I've prepared rooms for all of you, so you guys go and rest first."

                Wu Fei Fei Wu Bing followed gleefully upstairs, one to a guest room.

                Wu Weiguo, on the other hand, went to the guest room on the third floor.

                This villa had a particularly large number of rooms, and, each room was particularly large and comfortable, luxurious to the extreme.

                No matter which room they stayed in, it was better than that five-star hotel. Wu Fei Fei Wu Bing and the others were completely overjoyed and were simply unwilling to leave.

                Xu Hanxia and Xu Dongxue scoffed at this situation.

                This family, from the moment they came back, were so proud of themselves, as if they were superior because they had come back from abroad.

                As a result, when they were eating, they hated to stuff their plates into their mouths.

                When they finished drinking, they even carried the bottles home.

                Before, he was shouting about staying in a hotel, but now he's at their house and doesn't want to leave.

                This is the real shame!

                However, they couldn't say anything, as Fang Ling was their third aunt.

                Fang Ling and Fang Hui were on the best of terms, so if they didn't let this family stay here, it would only make Fang Hui angry.

                The night was uneventful, and Wu Fei Fei Wu Bing spent it entirely in the midst of various messages.

                The next morning, Wu Fei Fei knocked directly on Xu Hanxia Lin Mo's room door.

                Xu Hanxia opened the door sleepily: "Fifi, what's the matter so early?"

                Wu Fei Fei said excitedly, "Sister, do you have a swimming costume?"

                "Lend me one, I want to swim!"

                Xu Hanxia froze, it was the first time she had ever seen someone borrow a swimming costume.

                How could one borrow such intimate clothes?

                "Uh, swimming so early?"

                Wu Fei Fei said excitedly, "Yes."

                "Those friends of mine are having lunch at this moment, I'll take a picture of my friends so they can all see it."

                "Besides, this pool is so big, don't waste it!"

                Xu Hanxia was speechless, to put it bluntly, she still wanted to take pictures to show off.