Medical Genius Chapter 748

 Fang Ling immediately nodded, "That's fine."

                "It's still early, so it's okay to go and sit at home first."

                "Let's go, let's take a taxi."

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand, "No need to take a taxi, we've all driven here."

                Fang Ling was surprised, "You've all bought cars?"

                "Aiyo, the country has changed quite a lot in the past few years."

                "When I left, only those big bosses could drive a car ah."

                Fang Hui laughed, "Oh, the family has two cars now."

                "There were originally three, and a while ago, one crashed."

                Fang Ling was even more surprised, "And you bought three cars?"

                "Hui ah, I'm not talking about you."

                "If you earn some money, you have to save it, you can't spend it carelessly."

                "I know the phenomenon of overspending is very serious in China now.

                "I still hope you can keep your feet on the ground. Don't spend money recklessly just to compare with others!"

                "It's so hard to earn money nowadays!"

                Fang Hui smiled awkwardly, "It's alright, let's go."

                Xu Dongxue said, "Mom, what's the point of walking?"

                "We have two cars, now there are ten of us, we can't fit in."

                Fang Hui: "Two cars with ten people, why can't they fit?"

                Xu Dongxue glared: "We've all been drinking, so we'll have to call a chauffeur?"

                "With the two chauffeurs, that makes twelve people!"

                Fang Hui suddenly realized, "Oh, look at my brain, I forgot about this."

                "There still has to be two people to take a taxi."

                "How about, Huang Liang, Lin Mo, you two go get a taxi and we'll find a chauffeur to go back?"

                At this moment, Wu Fei Fei suddenly said, "Second Aunt, it's better for me and Xiaobing and I to take a taxi."

                Fang Hui said, "You are guests, how can we let you take a taxi?"

                Wu Fei Fei waved her hand, "It's alright, you guys name a location and we'll just go straight there."

                Fang Hui had no choice but to say the location.

                Wu Fei Fei dragged Wu Bing and left.

                Wu Bing was puzzled: "Sister, why are we taking a taxi?"

                Wu Fei Fei bristled, "Why do you think so?"

                "Didn't you hear what Mom and Dad said? Second Aunt and her family are very poor."

                "Even if they could buy a car, what kind of car would it be?"

                "It's a shitty car, it's so small, it's uncomfortable to sit in."

                "We might as well take a taxi, we can both sit in it, it's so spacious!"

                Wu Bing suddenly realized, "Sister, you're still smart."

                The two of them walked to the roadside and hailed a taxi.

                The driver said, "Two, where are you going?"

                Wu Fei Fei said, "Something called Shengshi Mansion, do you know where it is?"

                "If you don't know, I'll call them and ask them to give you the exact location!"

                The driver immediately said, "Aiyo, Miss, Shengshi Mansion, how could I not know it?"

                "That's a famous and wealthy district in Guangyang City, no one here in Guangyang City, a taxi driver, doesn't know it."

                Wu Fei Fei froze: "What ...... what rich and powerful district?"

                "Have you made a mistake?"

                "Sheng Shi Gong House ah?"

                The driver nodded: "Yes, this is the only Shengshi Mansion in Guangyang City."

                "It's a famous villa area, and the people who live in it are rich and powerful."

                "In Guangyang City, there really aren't many people who don't know about the Shengshi Mansion!"

                Wu Fei Fei looked at Wu Bing with a bewildered face, "Xiaobing, what you just heard, was it the Shengshi Mansion?"

                "Did I remember it wrong?"

                Wu Bing scratched his head, "It seems to be yes."

                "Otherwise, how else could you ...... you say the name all at once?"

                Wu Fei Fei was dumbfounded, "What's going on here?"

                "Didn't mum say that second aunt and her family used to live in a very dilapidated old house, and it's said that the house even leaks."

                "How did it become a famous rich area now?"

                "Did we hear wrongly, or did Mum say wrongly?"

                Wu Bing was equally dumbfounded, and he was also confused about the situation.