Medical Genius Chapter 747

 Seeing that all the dishes on the table had been removed, Fang Hui smiled, "It's almost time to eat, why don't we go back and rest first?"

                "You have only just returned from abroad, you must be very tired."

                At this moment, Wu Fei Fei suddenly said, "Second Aunt, I'm not full yet."

                "I need to eat some more."

                "Besides, there are still two bottles of wine here, what a waste not to drink."

                "Waiter, come and unpack the wine."

                Wu Fei Fei said, while giving a wink to Wu Bing Wu Wei Guo.

                The two men immediately understood what she meant.

                Eating was enough, but the problem was, there were two bottles of Romanee Conti here.

                This wine, at over a million a bottle, they might not be able to drink it in their lifetime.

                If they didn't drink it now, then it would definitely be packed up and taken back by Lin Mo and the others.

                Even if Fei Fei Wu was eating as much as she could, she would definitely not miss such an opportunity.

                One sip of the million-dollar Romanee Conti was enough for her to show off in her circle of friends for a few years.

                Fei Fei Wu ordered a few more dishes and asked the waiter to open all the two bottles of Romanee Conti.

                After that, Fifi Wu picked up her phone again and put the two bottles of Romanee Conti together in a messy shot.

                Holding the wine glass, taking a selfie.

                Holding the bottle, taking a selfie.

                Taking a selfie of the meal.

                All sorts of photos, selfies, then retouching, selecting, putting the RomanĂ©e-Conti and Lafite together and sending them to friends.

                With the text: An elegant life begins with a simple dinner. The 1995 RomanĂ©e-Conti has a more distant fragrance and a little more luxury and romance than the 82-year-old Lafite.

                Afterwards, she circled a few of her girlfriends and made a point of reminding them to watch.

                Such an extravagant meal, she had to show off enough in her circle of friends no matter what ah.

                As for Wu Bing, he was really the same as Wu Fei Fei, also taking all kinds of photos and posting them in his circle of friends.

                Of course, Wu Bing also mainly circled a few girls in his circle of friends and deliberately reminded them to look at it.

                In the end, the two bottles of Romanee Conti, too, were drank by them without any left.

                In fact, it was mainly Fang Ling's family who drank them.

                Lin Mo didn't even taste much, he actually didn't like drinking much.

                Only after everything was eaten did the group leave the hotel satisfied.

                As for that Wu Fei Fei and Wu Bing, those four bottles of wine were also taken with them.

                This stuff, as if it was their trophies, was to be kept at home, to show off in front of their friends later on ah.

                Walking out of Food for Heaven, Fang Hui smiled, "Ling ah, let's go home and stay tonight."

                "We've already packed the room, specially bought new bedding, it's definitely comfortable."

                Fang Ling was just about to agree, but Wu Fei Fei immediately said, "Mom, I'm not going."

                "The living environment in China is so bad, how can I stand it when I have such good skin?"

                "Besides, I've heard that there are still fleas in the country now."

                "Gee, I'm getting hairy just thinking about it."

                "I want to stay in a hotel!"

                Fang Ling laughed helplessly, "Hui, I'll come to your house to keep you company some day."

                "Tonight, it's better to let them stay in a hotel."

                "These two kids, they've been spoiled by me."

                "Besides, your house isn't big enough to house so many of us, it's not suitable."

                Wu Weiguo also said smugly, "The company has booked a four-star hotel for us."

                "During this period of time, we will all be staying in the hotel."

                "When the company arranges a house for us, we won't have to stay in a hotel."

                "You guys don't have to worry about the accommodation."

                Fang Hui immediately said, "It's fine, my family has changed houses."

                "It's definitely enough to live in!"

                Wu Fei Fei waved her hand, "I won't go even if it's enough to live in!"

                "Anyway, I'm going to stay in a hotel!"

                Fang Hui had no choice: "Alright then."

                "Since Fei Fei is asking so much, then I won't force it."

                "But it's still early, so let's sit at home first."

                "Ling, why don't you stay the night, we haven't seen each other for a long time, let's have a good chat."