Medical Genius Chapter 744

 Xu Jiangong's expression was smug to the extreme when he said these words.

                Because, from the earliest days, Wu Weiguo had always despised him, feeling that he was a waste of time that the family had given up on.

                And this meal, from the beginning to the end, Wu Weiguo's family was showing their superiority abroad and despising them in every way.

                Xu Jiangong had been harbouring a fire in his heart for a long time, but he just couldn't find an opportunity to vent it.

                Now, Song Zhilan came in on this trip.

                Although she didn't even say a word to him, she made him feel very dignified and even raised the tone of her voice.

                Wu Weiguo's eyes widened and he said sharply, "What did you ...... you just say?"

                "The Yun Chuang Group was founded by her?"

                "You ...... are not kidding, are you?"

                Xu Jiangong sneered, "Do I look like I'm joking?"

                "Everyone in the entire city of Guangyang knows that Yunchuang Group, was founded by General Manager Song Zhilan Song, and has come this far."

                Wu Weiguo drew in a breath of cold air, his face terrified to the core.

                Fang Ling whispered, "Honey, what's wrong?"

                Wu Weiguo cried and said in a trembling voice, "We ...... our most important client when we came to China this time, is the Yun Chuang Group."

                "When the boss came, he instructed with me that no matter what, we must take the order from the Yun Chuang Group."

                "If there is a mistake, not only will the China branch have to close down, but even the head office, I'm afraid it will be difficult to maintain."

                "Miss Lucia came to China early, and from the looks of it, is also running for this matter."

                Fang Ling's face changed greatly, "Is this ...... true?"

                "Oh my, if this project fails, then ...... won't you be out of a job then?"

                Wu Weiguo was on the verge of tears, "That's not a matter of losing your job."

                "If this project fails because of us, the boss ...... boss will kill us!"

                Fang Ling and the two children, their faces all turned ugly to the extreme in an instant.

                Thinking about how they had just sneered at Song Zhilan, especially Wu Fei Fei's taunt that directly hit her face, this project, could it still continue?

                When Song Zhilan left, she even glanced at them again, although she didn't say anything, her anger was already obvious.

                They had actually offended such a big shot, if the boss found out, he would probably have to get them killed straight away!

                After a long time of silence, Fang Ling suddenly gave an awkward laugh, "Aiyo, Hanxia, you ...... you're a good friend."

                "This people make friends well, you have to find such, down-to-earth and willing to work, and have the motivation."

                "Although you do not have a good eye for choosing a husband, but this eye for choosing a friend, really no comment!"

                Xu Hanxia said indifferently, "Third Aunt, you're mistaken."

                "General Song is not my friend, she is Lin Mo's friend."

                "I haven't had the face to get Mr Song to waive the bill for us, let alone send us several million dollars of Romanee Conti."

                Fang Ling's eyes widened, "What ...... did you say?"

                "She's ...... she's your husband's friend?"

                "Hanxia, you're lying to me, right?"

                "How is that possible?"

                Xu Dongxue said slowly, "What's impossible?"

                "Hmph, this Song Zhilan, pestering Lin Mo all day long."

                "I think, if my sister divorced Lin Mo, this Song Zhilan might immediately throw herself at Lin Mo!"

                With these words, Xu Dongxue was actually provoking Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia's relationship.

                However, the meaning changed when they heard it from Fang Ling's ears.

                Fang Ling's four people looked at each other with faces full of shock and disbelief.

                In particular, Wu Weiguo and Wu Bing had jealous faces.

                On what grounds?

                How could such a stunningly beautiful CEO look at a loser like Lin Mo?

                Moreover, looking at that attitude, she was even planning to throw herself at Lin Mo?

                What was so good about this Lin Mo?

                Wu Fei Fei couldn't help herself, "Doesn't she know that Lin Mo is a son-in-law?"

                "Didn't you all remind her?"