Medical Genius Chapter 743

 When the woman heard the voice, she turned her head and gave Wu Weiguo a puzzled look, "You are?"

                Wu Weiguo immediately said, "Oh, I'm Wu Weiguo, the general manager of a branch under the Warren Group."

                "When you turned eighteen, your father invited me to his home, to celebrate your birthday ah."

                "I'm now transferred to the China branch, as the general manager over here."

                "Bing, Fifi, hurry up and say hello to Miss Lucia!"

                Wu Bing and Wu Fei Fei immediately got up and greeted Lucia enthusiastically.

                Especially Wu Bing's eyes were eager to the extreme.

                He knew that this was the daughter of his father's boss, and belonged to the category of a true Miss Thousand, a white rich beauty.

                If he could hook up with Lucia, then he would be able to eat and drink for the rest of his life.

                However, Lucia didn't care about them at all and just nodded casually, "Oh, so it's you guys."

                After saying that, she stopped paying attention to these people and instead looked towards Song Zhilan with a joyful smile.

                "Mr Song, I went out just now and heard the waiter say that you had come over."

                "Great, I made several trips to your company before, but I couldn't pay you a visit."

                "I don't know if you're busy today, can you give me ten minutes, oh no, five minutes is enough time, I'll explain to you about what happened last time?"

                "Last time, it was all a mistake by the staff below, it was all a misunderstanding!"

                Wu Weiguo and the others were confused, what was this?

                Lucia, their boss's daughter, was so respectful in front of Song Zhilan, was she seeing a ghost?

                For her part, Song Zhilan frowned slightly, "Sorry, I have friends here now."

                "What's the matter, come to my company some other day to talk."

                "I don't talk about work when I'm off duty!"

                Lucia was not the least bit angry, but instead was full of apologies, "I'm really sorry to have disturbed you."

                "Then I'll go to your company for a bit in the next two days, I don't know when would be suitable?"

                Song Zhilan pondered for a moment, "How about this, you can find the manager over here later and ask her to give you my secretary's number."

                "Next time you want to visit me, you can make an appointment with the secretary first, it's more convenient."

                Lucia was overjoyed and quickly said, "Thank you, Mr Song, thank you very much."

                "Mr Song, then I won't bother you, you go ahead."

                Lucia nodded and retreated, while the people in the room, on the other hand, were completely dumbfounded.

                Wu Weiguo and the others were dumbfounded, they really couldn't understand why Lucia, a thousand-year-old lady, was treating Song Zhilan so respectfully.

                Moreover, Song Zhilan had such an attitude.

                Just giving Lucia her secretary's number, but not her own.

                And Lucia didn't feel offended, but on the contrary, she was very grateful, what was the situation?

                Could it be that in Lucia's mind, she was not qualified to talk to Song Zhilan personally at all, and could only talk to Song Zhilan's secretary?

                At this moment, the hearts of Wu Weiguo and the others were about to collapse.

                They finally understood that the woman in front of them, who was a national beauty, wasn't bragging, she was truly heaven defying.

                Song Zhilan sat down, drank a glass of wine with Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia, chatted for a few minutes, and then got up first to say goodbye.

                During this time, Wu Weiguo and the four of them kept their heads down, not daring to breathe a single breath, just afraid that Song Zhilan would notice them.

                After waiting for Song Zhilan to leave, Wu Weiguo was the first to say anxiously, "Who the hell is this?"

                "She's a hotel owner, how ...... can she make Miss Lucia treat her so respectfully?"

                Xu Jiangong said with an arrogant face, "This Miss Song Zhilan is the thousandth daughter of the Song family, one of the ten largest families in Guangyang City."

                "She single-handedly founded the Yun Chuang Group, which is now one of the top ten large enterprises in Guangyang City!"

                "This hotel, among her assets, is nothing!"