Medical Genius Chapter 742

 Song Zhilan's beauty is in no way inferior to Xu Hanxia's.

                Xu Hanxia's beauty had a sense of innocence.

                Song Zhilan, on the other hand, had been in a high position for many years and was as domineering as an empress.

                This aura alone was enough to make countless people fall in love.

                Coupled with her rare face, it had always made Song Zhilan as if she was a myth.

                Whether it was Wu Weiguo or Wu Bing, or even Huang Liang, they were all full of amazement.

                Song Zhilan, however, did not even glance at them and smiled, "Oh, this shop is mine."

                "The chef here is a very good cook, I'm a picky eater, and her cooking is just to my liking, so I bought this shop."

                "If you have friends gathering for dinner on weekdays, it's just easier to come here."

                Several people in the room were shocked.

                This was the first time they had seen someone who bought a restaurant just to suit their appetite.

                The most crucial thing was that this was not a simple restaurant.

                Xu Hanxia exclaimed, "Mr. Song, this shop, it must cost a lot of money, right?"

                Song Zhilan smiled, "It's not much."

                "When I bought it cheap, it was just over fifty million."

                "You know, the hotel isn't really worth much, it's the land and the house that are worth it."

                "No, the value has appreciated in the past two years, a friend helped me estimate it some time ago, it's now worth almost more than three hundred million."

                Wu Fei Fei immediately exclaimed, "Three hundred million? That's forty to fifty million dollars!"

                "You ...... you're bragging, right?"

                "This shitty place is worth three hundred million?"

                "You think you're in downtown New York?"

                Song Zhilan frowned slightly, she had a respectable position in Guangyang City, no one had dared to talk to her like that yet.

                However, seeing as Lin Mo was also here, she didn't get angry and just said lightly, "In downtown New York, I do have two restaurants."

                "But those two restaurants, together, aren't worth as much as this one."

                "I'm thinking about selling those two restaurants in downtown New York!"

                Fei Fei Wu immediately laughed wildly, "Ouch, Second Aunt, do you people in China like to brag like that now?"

                "There are still two restaurants in downtown New York, why don't you say there are several buildings in downtown New York!"

                "Hahahaha, I really can't help myself."

                "The person is quite pretty, but the way she talks, she really doesn't have a bit of class."

                Fang Ling also shook her head and sighed, "Hey, Hanxia, what kind of friend have you made?"

                "It's fine to find such a loser husband, but aren't you careful about making friends?"

                "I'm telling you, the kind of person who likes to brag is really not suitable for making friends!"

                "If you want to make friends, you have to find the kind of people who are down to earth, understand?"

                "If you make the mistake of making a bad friend, you'll end up in a very bad way!"

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but be embarrassed: "Third Aunt, what Song said is true, she's actually ......"

                Fang Ling waved her hand straight away, "Alright, you don't have to say anything."

                "How come even you're bragging along with it?"

                "Hanxia, how come you've changed so much over the years?"

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but feel helpless, this second aunt's family was too conceited, right?

                "Mr Song, I'm sorry, you don't mind."

                Xu Hanxia could only apologise towards Song Zhilan.

                Song Zhilan smiled lightly in response, only glancing lightly at Wu Fei Fei and the others.

                At that moment, someone suddenly knocked on the door outside: "Hello, is Mr. Song here?"

                The voice sounded, rather stiff, as if the Chinese language was very substandard.

                Song Zhilan said, "Please come in."

                The door to the room pushed open and a foreign woman with blonde hair and blue eyes walked in.

                The woman was dressed in a designer label, tall and good-looking, and looked like a proper rich white woman.

                Seeing her, Wu Weiguo's face changed greatly and exclaimed, "Miss Lucia, why are you here?"