Medical Genius Chapter 741

 Wu Fei Fei really couldn't think of a reason, which is why she asked such a question.

                Because, she really didn't think that Fang Hui's family could know such a rich boss.

                Only a big shot like them, who had returned from abroad, should know such a wealthy person ah.

                Wu Weiguo thought carefully for a while and really couldn't understand which boss he knew that could be so bold. ,...

                However, he still smiled, "It's possible."

                "Although I haven't returned to China in the past few years, I still have quite a few business partners in the country."

                "It could be that they know I'm back and are paying my bills on purpose."

                "Waiter, where's your boss?"

                "I'm going over to talk to him."

                The waiter smiled, "Gentlemen, our boss isn't here yet."

                "She was calling to inform us to deliver the wine."

                "But the boss will be here soon."

                "You guys wait a bit, she should be coming over."

                Wu Weiguo was full of smugness, "That's good."

                "Come, come, let's sit down next, later my old friend will come over, let's all get to know each other."

                Wu Fei Fei Wu Bing was also full of smugness, their dad's friend made them feel twice as dignified.

                Fang Ling said smilingly, "Oh, Old Wu, I've told you, we're back, so don't notify so many people!"

                "Look at this, I still want to get together with Huihui for two days."

                "Your friends all know about it, and the socializing is inevitable, can't you just leave us two sisters alone?"

                Wu Weiguo laughed, "I can't help it, they're all old friends."

                "Since people know about it, then we have to give face to people too."

                "After all, we have to do business in China in the future!"

                "Anyway, there will be plenty of time for you to get together in China, you don't care about this day or two."

                Fang Ling nodded with an apologetic face, "Hui Hui, sorry about that."

                "I might not be able to accompany you guys for the next few days."

                Fang Hui's family was also in a daze, they really thought it was Wu Weiguo's friend who paid the bill.

                Fang Hui smiled awkwardly, "Ling, this meal tonight, it was agreed to be on us!"

                "Look at this mess, this ...... this is really embarrassing."

                Wu Fei Fei bristled, "Second Aunt, you just don't pretend."

                "This meal, plus these two bottles of wine, several million."

                "You pay? How can you pay?"

                Fang Ling waved her hand, "Fei Fei, how can you talk to your second aunt?"

                "Hui Hui, don't mind, this child, is spoiled by me."

                "But, you should not do this whole thing in the future."

                "I feel happy when our sisters are together, even if we eat salted vegetables."

                Fang Hui's eyes were red, and Fang Ling's words made her simply ignore Wu Fei Fei's rudeness just now.

                After a while, the waiter knocked on the door and came in, "Everyone, our boss will be here soon."

                "Do you guys have any other requests?"

                Wu Weiguo straightened his clothes and smiled, "Nothing."

                "We're all old friends, there's no need to be so polite."

                The waiter nodded his head and stood respectfully at the door.

                At this moment, a sound of high heels came from outside the door.

                Immediately afterwards, a fragrant breeze hit him and a tall and beautiful woman walked in through the doorway.

                The moment they saw this beauty, all of Wu Wei Guo Wu Bing's streams froze.

                It was a bone-chilling astonishment that made them unable to react for a moment!

                And this beautiful woman ignored them and walked straight up to Lin Mo, smiling, "Mr. Lin, Mr. Xu, how are you?"

                "Aiya, you guys came here for dinner, why didn't you tell me in advance?"

                "So that I could explain to the back kitchen and ask them to make some specialty dishes to come over."

                "I'm sorry if I didn't give you a proper welcome!"

                Xu Hanxia froze: "Mr Song, this ...... is your shop?"

                This beautiful woman was none other than Song Zhilan!