Medical Genius Chapter 740

 Xu Hanxia was also annoyed in her heart and said directly, "Third Aunt, don't bother."

                "I make my own decisions about my affairs."

                "I don't care how much he earns in a month, he's still my husband."

                "Even if he doesn't earn a single penny, he's still my favorite person, I will never divorce him!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly and took Xu Hanxia's hand in his.

                Fang Ling hated her iron: "Silly child, do you think Third Aunt is hurting you?"

                "Third Aunt is really doing it for your own good!"

                "You ...... how come you are so disobedient?"

                Wu Fei Fei sneered, "Aiyo, I can't see that cousin still likes to keep a little white boy."

                "Only, this little white boy, he's not very good looking either."

                "Cousin, what exactly do you want from him?"

                "Good in bed?"

                With a single word, the room was suddenly plunged into embarrassment.

                Fang Ling said angrily, "Fifi, what are you talking about?"

                Xu Hanxia's face swelled red with anger, "My business, it's none of your business!"

                "Also, you are not qualified to say anything to Lin Mo!"

                Fang Ling was annoyed, "What do you mean you're not qualified?"

                "Hanxia, why have you become like this now?"

                "He's a man with no motivation at all, what's wrong with me saying a few words?"

                "I'm your third aunt, I was the one who carried you when you were born, so I can't say a few words?"

                Xu Hanxia was helpless, this third aunt's identity made it impossible for her to argue.

                Just then, the door to the private room suddenly opened and the waiter walked in carrying two bottles of wine.

                "Everyone, a ninety-five year old Romanee Conti."

                "Open now?"

                The waiter smiled warmly.

                Several people in the room looked at each other, and Fei Fei Wu was the first to jump up and say sharply, "Who ...... ordered the Romanee Conti?"

                "Do you guys know how much this wine costs a bottle?"

                "I ...... am so fed up with it!"

                "Second Aunt, are there any of you who do things like this?"

                "You brought us here for dinner when you came back, you guys want to take advantage of it, I understand."

                "But you guys have to do things in moderation, right?"

                "That meal just now cost tens of thousands of dollars, and now you've ordered two bottles of Romanee Conti, are you planning to bankrupt my family all at once?"

                "A bottle of 1995 Romanee Conti is at least a million or so. Two bottles, that's over two million."

                "You guys ...... are you crazy you guys?"

                Wu Bing also stood up straight away, pulled Fang Ling and left, "Mom and Dad, let's go."

                "This meal, let them pay for it themselves."

                "Do you really think we are fools?"

                "Heh, taking advantage, there's no such thing as taking advantage!"

                Fang Hui and the others were also confused: "Ling, don't be anxious, this must be a mistake."

                "Waiter, we didn't order Romanee Conti."

                The waiter laughed, "Oh, that's right."

                "These two bottles of wine were given to you by our boss."

                "Also, our boss has already paid for your spending tonight."

                "These two bottles of wine, are you going to drink them here, or are you going to take them home?"

                "If you want to take them home, we can pack them for you now."

                The few people in the room were outright confused.

                Fei Fei Wu's eyes widened, "Hey, hey, hey, you ...... you ...... are you telling the truth?"

                "From your boss?"

                "Are you sure? It's really from your boss?"

                "I'm telling you, say it again, I want to record it."

                "Otherwise, it won't do for you to blackmail us after we open the wine later!"

                The waiter looked at her and said with a straight face, "Miss, you can record whatever you want."

                "I can take responsibility for what I say!"

                "These two bottles of wine are indeed a gift from our boss."

                "Our boss has also paid for tonight's consumption."

                Wu Fei Fei was completely confused, she stared at the two bottles of wine with wide eyes, she really couldn't understand what was going on!

                Suddenly, she had a jolt and immediately said, "Dad, this boss, it couldn't be your friend, could it?"