Medical Genius Chapter 74-76

 Chapter 74

Six or seven modified street-bombing motorbikes roared by, with about ten young men in strange costumes on them.

                Wherever they passed, the stall-holders avoided them as if they had seen the god of plague.

                Soon, these street-fried motorbikes arrived in front of the big stalls.

                "Hey, old thing, it's time to pay this month's hygiene fee!" A young blond yelled smugly.

                Old Chen looked ugly and whispered, "Master Jin, I ...... my old companion is in hospital and it's costing me too much money."

                "Look, can ...... you ...... be a little more forgiving ......"

                Golden Hair shouted angrily, "Fuck, your old companion is in hospital, it's none of my business."

                "One word, health fee or get out!"

                "This ......" Old Chen looked embarrassed: "Master Jin, then ...... then you can give me two days' grace, I ...... I'll chip in ......"

                Golden Hair kicked over the table in front of him and cursed, "Damn it, I've given you a few days' grace, and you're still fucking graceful. Do you think old me is easy to bully?"

                Old Chen was trembling in fear: "Master Jin, I ...... really don't have any right now. Or else, tomorrow, tomorrow I will definitely give it to you!"

                "Good, I'll give you one more chance. If you don't see me tomorrow night, you can go and be hospitalized with your old partner!"

                Golden Hair scolded and turned to leave, but suddenly glanced at Xu Hanxia who was sitting not far away.

                He instantly looked astonished and winked at a few people around him, "Look, a beautiful woman!"

                Those people looked over and were all full of amazement as well.

                "Oh my god, where did this beautiful woman come from? She's prettier than a star!"

                "I've never seen such a beauty in all my life!"

                "We're in for a treat tonight, let's go!"

                A dozen youths sharpened their fists, but Golden Hair waved his hand: "Don't be impulsive, I'll do it!"

                "Yo, Master Jin himself, this is fun!"

                "Master Jin is going to take him down for sure!"

                "Hey, when Master Jin comes out, which woman won't just lie down!"

                Golden Hair straightened his hair, put on a smile he thought was charming, and walked over to Lin Mo's table.

                He rested his elbows against the table and propped his palms on his chin as he looked at Xu Hanxia with affection.

                "Beauty, my friends bet me that you definitely wouldn't dare to give me your WeChat."

                "But, I don't believe their words, what do you think?"

                Lin Mo's brows furrowed, he was even a little upset when these people from Golden Hair bullied Uncle Chen just now.

                Now, to come and hook up with his wife in such a blatant manner, they didn't take him seriously at all anymore, huh?

                Xu Hanxia said in a cold voice: "Sorry, I don't use WeChat."

                Jin Mao's face changed slightly, and then he smiled, "It's okay, if you don't have a WeChat signal, you can add a Q number or leave a mobile phone number."

                Xu Hanxia: "Sorry, it's not very convenient."

                Golden Hair said in a deep voice: "Beauty, you're being too disrespectful!"

                Lin Mo said, "People don't want to give it to you, that's people's freedom."

                "Aren't you afraid of affecting others when you do that?"

                Golden Hair's face was cold as he angrily said, "What does it have to do with you if I care about her request for contact information?"

                "Do you have the right to speak here?"

                "Get out of my way or I'll kill you!"

                A group of people behind him also got up in arms, yelling at Lin Mo to get lost.

Chapter 75

Xu Hanxia said in a deep voice, "He's my husband!"

                Golden Hair froze for a moment and then bristled, "What's wrong with a husband? Can a husband interfere with your normal friendships?"

                "I just asked for your contact information, I didn't do anything else, so what can your husband do?"

                "Hey, this husband, don't rush, we haven't even started to develop yet. It's not too late for you to ask when we've developed!"

                The boys at the back immediately laughed, "Yes, we haven't even started playing yet, what's your hurry as a husband?"

                Lin Mo's face was cold as he said in a deep voice, "Watch your mouth!"

                "I'm clean, my ass!" Golden Hair said aggressively, "Hey, pretty girl, one word, do you give face or not!"

                Xu Hanxia's face was swollen red, this was the first time she had ever met such a person.

                "I ...... don't know you, please leave!"

                "Once you get acquainted, add WeChat, play around and get acquainted!" Golden hair smilingly said.

                "Yes, we'll get acquainted after playing, and we'll even get acquainted after playing more!" A few other lads also heckled and teased.

                "You ......" Xu Hanxia was annoyed to the extreme, these people were talking too frivolously.

                Lin Mo stood up: "You want to play, don't you? I'll accompany you!"

                "You want to play with me? How the hell are you qualified to play with me!" Golden Hair said, and lifted the table.

                "Ah!" Xu Hanxia shrieked and took a few steps back, "You guys ...... are so unqualified!"

                "Who the hell are you calling unqualified!" The boys behind them also ran over, aggressively surrounding them in the middle.

                Lin Mo Xu Hanxia shielded behind him and said in a cold voice: "Hanxia, you go inside first."

                Xu Hanxia was anxious: "Let's go together!"

                "Can we go?" Golden Hair copied a wine bottle and said smugly, "Hey, this husband, you can leave, but this girl, she has to stay and play with us!"

                A trace of murderous aura flashed in Lin Mo's eyes as he said in a cold voice, "Don't bully people too much!"

                Golden Hair bristled, "What's wrong with bullying people too much?"

                "Do you know what this place is? Do you know who I am?"

                "Damn it, I asked for her weibo because I think she's a good person."

                "I'm telling you, either she stays and plays with us today."

                "Or we'll cut a hole in your head and let you see how she plays with us!"

                Those lads at the back burst into laughter, their faces full of smugness, as if Xu Hanxia was already fish on the chopping block.

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "Young man, no matter what you do, you have to leave something behind for yourself, so that you won't regret it later!"

                "I'll still regret it? Are you fucking dreaming?" Golden Hair cursed, "I think you're not going to leave? Fine, then I'll cut a hole in your head, you fucking ......"

                Before Golden Hair could say anything, Lin Mo had already made his move, copying the bottle next to him and smashing it on Golden Hair's head in one go.

                The whole room was silent, no one expected that it was Lin Mo who made the first move.

                Even Xu Hanxia was stunned, she looked at Lin Mo blankly, was this still the same obsequious man from before?

                "Uncle Chen, take Hanxia into the house!" Lin Mo bellowed coldly.

                "Honey, don't ...... get into trouble," Xu Hanxia said urgently.

                "I'll be fine." Lin Mo smiled, "Don't worry."

                Uncle Chen hurriedly took Xu Hanxia into the house.

                "Bastard, how dare you hit me?" Golden Hair's face was fierce, "If I don't leave a few cuts on you today, I'll fucking take your name!"

                "Brothers, go!"

Chapter 76

Lin Mo's expression was indifferent: "If you want to fight, go to the back alley."

                "How dare you fucking go to the back alley? I think you really want to die!" Golden Hair laughed, "Let's go to the back alley, I'll kill you!"

                When they reached the back alley, the men simply blocked the entrance to the alley, making it clear that Lin Mo would not be allowed to run away.

                Golden Hair covered his head with one hand and pointed at Lin Mo with the other, "Chop him to death!"

                The two men next to him had already taken out their machetes and rushed towards Lin Mo with a roar, slashing his head and face.

                Lin Mo did not dodge, but took a step forward and threw both fists, hitting the two men squarely in the face.

                Both men fell to the ground at the same time, their noses broken and their mouths bleeding.

                Those people behind them were shocked, no one had expected that Lin Mo was so capable of fighting.

                "Beat him to death!" Golden Hair roared.

                However, Lin Mo was one step faster, he grabbed Golden Hair, snapped his neck and slammed his head against the wall next to him.

                In one fell swoop, Golden Hair was knocked to the ground, but Lin Mo didn't stop, he slammed his head into the wall again.

                Those behind him had planned to rush over, but when they saw this scene, they were all stunned.

                All they could see was that Golden Hair's face was covered in blood, his nose was flattened, and his mouth was full of teeth that had almost all fallen out.

                These people usually looked arrogant, but in fact, they were just a bunch of soft-headed people who were afraid of being soft.

                They had never been in such a situation before!

                As they watched Golden Hair fall to the ground dying, they were all shivering with fear, looking at Lin Mo as if he was a god of plague.

                Seeing Lin Mo walking towards them, one of them suddenly shouted, "Let's all go together, there are so many of us, we don't need to be afraid of him!"

                Only then did the crowd come back to their senses and roared in anger as they prepared to rush forward.

                At that moment, a loud shout suddenly came from the entrance of the alleyway, "Stop!"

                The crowd turned their heads and saw that a group of people had arrived at the entrance of the alleyway at some point.

                The leader was none other than Chen Shengyuan, who ran over with a respectful face, "Mr. Lin, are you alright?"

                Lin Mo waved his hand calmly, "Yes!"

                Chen Shengyuan breathed a sigh of relief, he looked at the group angrily and cursed, "Damn, I'm most annoyed with your kind of goods."

                "Cut them up, cut them all up, cut off their hands and feet, cut their tendons."

                "If you ever ride a motorbike again in this life, I'll take your name!"

                The group outside rushed in, and without hesitation, they raised their knives and hacked.

                The young men were dumbfounded, they had never seen a real villain before because they were so arrogant and domineering.

                They had never seen a real villain before. Chen Shengyuan had buried a lot of bones behind him to get to where he was today.

                Even if they were to be sunk into the Guangyang River, it would be a simple matter of chopping off their arms and legs.

                The group of youths originally wanted to resist, but later they only begged for mercy.

                A few of them reluctantly knelt on the ground and begged, "Big brother, big brother, we know we're wrong, spare us, we won't dare to do it again ......"

                "Big brother, you spare us, we will be cattle and horses to repay you in the future ......"

                "We have no eyes to see, we have eyes to see, please, treat us like a fart, let us go ......"

                No one paid any attention to them, and in the end, all these youths were cut down to the ground.

                As Chen Shengyuan said, these people, in this life, would never want to ride a motorbike again.

                Whether they would be able to stand up again in the future was unknown, and it was estimated that for the rest of their lives, they would have to beg for a living.