Medical Genius Chapter 737

 Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui looked even more embarrassed, these two brats, they were too down on people!

                This time, even Xu Dongxue couldn't help herself and slapped the table, "Okay, you want to eat steak, right?"

                "Waiter, give him a steak, don't give him anything else!"

                The waiter stood at the door and politely said, "Sorry, miss, we don't have steak here."

                Wu Fei Fei immediately laughed coldly, "Aiya, cousin, just don't make a fat face."

                "I've heard that in your country, cows are used for ploughing the fields and cannot be killed indiscriminately, it's a crime to kill them casually."

                "You still order steak, be careful of jail oh."

                Xu Dongxue was even more provoked to thunder and shouted, "Why is there no steak?"

                "Such a big shop and there's not even a steak?"

                The waiter said awkwardly, "Sorry, miss, we have a high-end membership here."

                "Generally, no one would order something so low end!"

                With one sentence out, the entire crowd was silent.

                Fang Ling's family was dumbfounded, and after a long while, Wu Fei Fei jumped straight up, "What are you talking about?"

                "What did you just say?"

                "What do you mean by low-end stuff?"

                "Steak, ah, steak, do you know?"

                "Steak that only foreigners eat, the kind you see in movies, have you ever seen it?"

                "You call this low-end stuff?"

                "How did someone like you, who has never seen the world, get out to be a waiter?"

                The waiter said without condescension, "This lady, the steak you are talking about, I know."

                "I'm really sorry, we don't really have such low-end stuff here."

                "How about you take a look at the menu and choose something else?"

                Fei Fei Wu stormed, "You can really blow it!"

                "Fine, I'd like to see what exactly is considered high-end here!"

                Fei Fei Wu grabbed the menu and looked at it for a while, her eyes were staring out.

                "This ...... this ...... this nonsense, right?"

                "Australian abalone, you have Australian abalone here?"

                "And this ...... this deep sea caviar? Bragging rights? This stuff, do you know how expensive it is?"

                "French foie gras? Are you kidding, this is China, there's French foie gras?"

                "Nah nah nah, what is this, 82 years of Lafite?"

                "Do you know how much a bottle of Lafite, 82 years old, costs?"

                "People in your country, making a menu, are you all so able to brag?"

                Fang Ling also frowned, "Hui ah, how come I haven't come back all these years, is everyone in the country so pompous?"

                "When I was in the country before, people were poor but at least they were still decent."

                "What is this now?"

                "Gee, we're family, why all this window dressing?"

                "I'm happy even if you just treat me to a bowl of noodles."

                "I'm happy to see you, even if I don't eat anything!"

                Fang Hui was actually originally a little annoyed, but the next few words from Fang Ling made her eyes go straight to red.

                This was the sister she had the best affection for, although she was a bit arrogant and looked down on people a bit.

                But at least, she was really good to her, sisterly love, this was not a lie at all.

                Fang Hui took a deep breath, "Ling, this isn't the old days."

                "Let me tell you this, this shop, it's not something that ordinary people can get into."

                "A membership card alone costs half a million to get."

                "It's not unusual for a casual meal here to cost over a hundred thousand!"

                Fang Ling's eyes widened, "No way?"

                "Hui, you ...... don't talk nonsense."

                "More than a hundred thousand for a meal? More than a hundred thousand what? Zimbabwean dollars?"

                Xu Dongxue bristled, "More than a hundred thousand yuan!"

                "Converted to US dollars, about ten or twenty thousand!"

                This time, Wu Bing and Wu Fei Fei also opened their mouths wide.

                "You ...... you're bragging, right?"

                "A meal that can cost ten or twenty thousand US dollars? How is that possible?"