Medical Genius Chapter 736

 When this family spoke, they could not hide their smugness in their tone, as if they were superior because they had returned from abroad.

                Xu Jiangong, Fang Hui and the others were embarrassed, but they were too embarrassed to say anything.

                After all, Fang Ling had helped Fang Hui a lot in the past.

                Moreover, Fang Ling and Fang Hui had grown up together and they were very close.

                Xu Hanxia smiled awkwardly and took Lin Mo to sit down next to her.

                Wu Weiguo's eyes roamed over Xu Hanxia's body a few times, and deep in his eyes, there was a kind of indescribable lewdness.

                Fang Ling didn't even notice her husband's strange appearance and said with a smile, "Hui ah, if you have time, you have to go out for a walk no matter what."

                "This foreign and domestic ah, it's a completely different world."

                "Let me tell you this, when I first got off the plane, I almost suffocated."

                "The air quality in China is really bad."

                "The place where I live, even the air smells sweet."

                "When I first went there, I thought I wouldn't be able to live there."

                "Guess what? The first day I went there, I fell in love with the place!"

                "Hey, it really is no harm without comparison."

                "The country is really too poor and backward, compared to abroad, it's like the difference between heaven and hell!"

                Fang Hui laughed awkwardly, "You can't say that."

                "In the past few years, the country has been developing just fine."

                Wu Fei Fei sneered, "Well developed?"

                "Second Aunt, you really dare to say that!"

                "You've never even left the country, and you dare to talk nonsense?"

                "Your China is at least a hundred years behind the West, who are you to say that you are well developed?"

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help herself, "Cousin, you're exaggerating."

                "If you really push the West forward a hundred years, it would be hard to even see a car on the street, right?"

                "If there really was a hundred year gap, you would still be able to contact us with your mobile phones?"

                Wu Fei Fei was annoyed by the rebuttal: "What do you mean by that?"

                "I'm just making an analogy, saying that you are a lot behind, why are you uncomfortable in your own mind?"

                "It's a fact that you're poor and backward, so why don't you let people say that?"

                "That's true, if you don't have any confidence in yourself, why should anyone respect you?"

                Xu Hanxia was irritated and was about to speak when Fang Hui quickly intervened, "Hey, we're all sisters, why are you talking about this?"

                "Come, come, let the waiter bring the menu over, let's order first."

                The waiter came in with the menu and Fang Hui handed it to Fang Ling, "Ling, take a look, order what you want."

                "After so many years abroad, you rarely get to eat hometown food, right?"

                "You must miss the food at home, right?"

                "Here, order whatever you want!"

                Fang Ling smilingly took the menu, "I don't really miss this hometown food."

                "You know, when we were abroad, it was all about the red wine steak."

                "I really don't want to eat any of that salty lumpy stuff at home now."

                "Come on, Bing Bing, Fei Fei, you two take a look, what do you want to eat."

                While picking at his phone, Wu Bing said, "Just order me a steak!"

                Wu Fei Fei didn't take the menu either and said, "What steak?"

                "Do you think this is still our country, and you still want to eat steak?"

                "Mum used to say that in our family, we only get to eat meat on New Year's Eve."

                "Also, it's been said on the internet that people here can't even afford to eat tea eggs."

                "You don't even think about whether Aunt Yee's family can afford it!"

                Wu Bing was annoyed, "Then what am I going to eat?"

                "I don't care, I'm not eating those rotten vegetable leaves!"

                "I'll have the steak!"

                "If you can't even afford steak, what's the point of having a treat?"