Medical Genius Chapter 734

 Nan Batian didn't explain much to Lin Mo, he finished his cup of tea and let Lin Mo go.

                Nan Bing'er personally sent Lin Mo out, and when she reached the door, Nan Bing'er blushed scarlet and whispered, "Brother Lin, I ...... can I go and play with you when I'm bored?"

                This girl, had never had any friends.

                She knew exactly what Lin Mo had done to save her, so in her heart, she was both grateful and somewhat dependent on Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo remembered Nanba Tian's words and smiled gently, "Sure."

                "I have a younger sister, you can come to me some day, my sister will definitely like you a lot."

                Nan Bing'er was overjoyed, "That's great."

                "Then when I can get out, I'll go and find you!"

                Lin Mo nodded with a smile and left Nan Baitian's villa under Nan Bing'er's watchful eyes.

                At this moment, Nan Batian was standing on the terrace, watching Lin Mo fade away.

                Only after a long time did Nan Batian murmur, "Yun'er, I've finally found someone who can protect Bing'er."

                "I can finally be buried with you too!"

                No one knew what Nanba Tian was hiding in his heart, even Chen Shengyuan Nan Bing'er.

                Lin Mo rushed to Sheng Yuan Group, where Chen Sheng Yuan had been waiting for a long time.

                Thirty percent of the assets of General Wang Wu Jiu Chuan and the others, taken by Nan Baitian, were to go to Lin Mo.

                Chen Shengyuan was personally responsible for the arrangements. The 30%, which happened to be all in construction, would dovetail perfectly with Lin Mo's current construction company.

                Deng Junhuo also arrived here a long time ago, these operational matters, Lin Mo did not want to interfere, Deng Junhuo is now all light.

                It didn't take long for all the formalities to be completed and all these assets were owned by Lin Mo.

                Chen Shengyuan reorganised these things and set up a new company, putting it all inside the company.

                The company, on the other hand, was wholly owned by Lin Mo, and everything, all of it, belonged to Lin Mo alone.

                After getting everything done, Lin Mo said to Deng Junhuo, "Junzi, the construction company side of things is left to be wrapped up, there's not much going on for now."

                "You come to this company first and start working on the recruitment and structure of the real estate company here."

                "Tiger is still staying at the construction company, and when the project in the villa area is over, Tiger will also come over to help you."

                Deng Jun Tiger immediately nodded his head, both of them were very excited.

                Nowadays, Lin Mo's assets were getting bigger and bigger, and their position would only get higher and higher in the future if they followed him.

                Tiger, in particular, was extremely satisfied with his wise choice at first.

                If he had been fighting against Lin Mo, his corpse might have stunk by now.

                And by following Lin Mo, not only had his assets skyrocketed rapidly, but even his status had risen sharply.

                Especially that time last night, when he personally followed Nanba Tian to the Ten Families, which was tantamount to showing his face in front of the family heads of the Ten Families.

                After this one incident, even the Ten Great Families had to give him enough respect.

                And this was something he didn't even dare to think about before!

                After Lin Mo had arranged everything properly, he went back to work at the hospital first.

                He was still thinking about Nanba Tian's matter.

                In fact, even if Nanba Tian didn't say anything, Lin Mo still planned to swallow the power of Guangyang City.

                If he wanted to take revenge, he had to accumulate enough strength.

                Before, he was still hesitant, after all, this was Nanba Tian's Guangyang City, he couldn't rob Nanba Tian's things ah.

                But now, Nanba Tian was leaving, and he was still allowed to let go of his hands, then he really had to start working on the layout.

                Swallowing the Ten Families was easy to say, but not easy to do.

                This was something that Lin Mo had to do personally, and he couldn't let Nan Batian interfere to help him.

                Otherwise, once Nanba Tian left, the ten families would immediately revolt.

                With Lin Mo's current power, it would be very difficult for him to swallow the Ten Families within a year.