Medical Genius Chapter 727

 With the Wang family as their backing, they were no longer afraid of the tiger.

                At this moment, however, Tiger laughed heartily.

                "A few big bosses, today I'm really going to be lawless!"

                "What, do you really think the Wang Family will help you?"

                "Oh, I'm sorry, the Wang family is already in a difficult position to protect itself now, so how can they help you guys!"

                The crowd's faces all changed, and Chief Wang laughed wildly, "Tiger, who do you think you are?"

                "Even your cousin Chen Shengyuan wouldn't dare to say such big words!"

                "Just by you?"

                Tiger laughed, "With me, of course, I can't."

                "However, what if it was Master Tian who made the move?"

                The faces of the people in the room changed, and Chief Wang said sharply, "How could Tian ...... Master Tian possibly strike?"

                "This time, it has nothing to do with him at all."

                "Master Tian is doing something like this, this ...... is not in line with the rules!"

                Tiger sneered, "Chief Wang, you're too backward with this information, aren't you?"

                "Who said this matter has nothing to do with Master Tian?"

                "Do you know that Master Tian's daughter, that is Miss Bing'er, is now calling Mr. Lin her brother!"

                "Do you guys say that this matter has nothing to do with Mr. Lin?"

                Chief Wang froze and said in a trembling voice, "Master Tian's daughter has woken up?"

                "Isn't she ...... still in a coma?"

                Everyone else was also shocked to the core.

                Nan Bing'er, that was truly deserving of the Guang Yang Princess.

                The daughter of the first king of Guangyang, how could she call Lin Mo her brother?

                What kind of complicated relationship was going on here?

                Moreover, they had long received rumours that Nan Bing'er had become a vegetable, so how come she had suddenly woken up now?

                Tiger said in a cold voice, "So you're behind on news!"

                "Miss Bing'er, has been awake for many days now."

                Mr. Wang clenched his teeth and said indignantly, "Tiger, you don't want to lie to me!"

                "Let's not talk about whether Nan Bing'er is awake or not, and even if she is, how could she call Lin Mo brother?"

                "If Nan Baitian just wanted an excuse to deal with us, just say so straight away."

                "However, even if he settles us, the others will never be convinced!"

                "The Xie family before, the Zhou family behind, and now our Wang family."

                "If Nanba Tian dares to strike out at three big clans one after another, do you think the ten clans will make common cause and unite together against him?"

                "When that time comes, guess if Nanba Tian will have a headache?"

                The others also breathed a sigh of relief, as long as they had the Ten Great Families behind them, they were still not too worried.

                Tiger skimmed his lips, "You're quite thoughtful!"

                "It's just a pity that things aren't that simple."

                "Do you know that Wang Dekai, who is backing you up, has actually been in collusion with the ten provincial families for a long time."

                "He was able to get to his current position all these years solely because of the secret support of the ten major families in the provincial capital."

                Chief Wang's face changed sharply, "This ...... how is this possible?"

                The ten major families in the provincial city wanted to control the interests of the province.

                They infiltrated their strength into other cities in Guang Province and took control of all those places.

                In earlier years, they had tried to invade Guangyang City several times, but they had always been stopped outside by Nanba Tian.

                The ten families in Guangyang City were also considered to be under the patronage of Nanba Tian, and only then did they achieve the status they have today, being able to care less about the ten families in Guangyang Province.

                It is also because of this reason that the Ten Families of Guangyang City have long reached an agreement not to collude with the Ten Families of Guangyang Province.

                The reason is that once the strength of the Ten Families of Guangyang Province penetrates into Guangyang City, then the interests of the Ten Families of Guangyang City will definitely suffer a major blow.

                At this time, if anyone colluded with the Ten Families of Guangyang Province, he would really become a target and even the Ten Families would not spare him!

                In fact, Mr. Wang had known about this matter before.

                However, Wang Dekai had done this matter very secretly, and he really couldn't understand how Nanba Tian knew about it!