Medical Genius Chapter 726

 Lin Mo's face was cold and he did not speak.

                Tiger directly broke into a curse, "You old shrew, you're really shameless."

                "What face do you have to beg Lin to save people?"

                "Do you know what your daughter, and that son-in-law of yours, have really done?"

                Fang Hui said in a trembling voice, "I know that they are a bit displeased with Lin Mo, and indeed ...... did do something wrong to Lin Mo."

                "But this ...... is not a crime to die for. ......"

                "A family, there is no such thing as no quarrel, but this blood is thicker than water, after all, they are relatives!"

                The tiger said angrily, "Put your mother's fart!"

                "It's true that families quarrel."

                "But these two bastards poisoned Lin's food and caused a car accident to kill him, is that a fucking row?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was directly confused, they didn't know there was such a thing.

                Xu Jiangong said urgently, "Master Tiger, you ...... re kidding, right?"

                "How could Huang Liang and Xue'er do such a thing?"

                "They both have good hearts ......."

                Tiger directly cursed angrily, "Screw your mother's kind-heartedness!"

                "Whether they both did it or not, ask the one surnamed Wang, or ask these old undeads over here."

                "That medicine, the one surnamed Wang gave it to them personally!"

                Xu Jian Gong turned to Wu Jiu Chuan and the others.

                These people looked embarrassed, and Wu Jiuchuan immediately said, "This ...... has nothing to do with me!"

                "This idea, it was all Wang's idea."

                "Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue, also work for him, he promised to give these two a large sum of money, and a company."

                "We didn't say anything!"

                This was a direct confirmation of the matter.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui almost didn't faint, they finally understood why Lin Mo and Tiger were so angry.

                What Huang Liang Xu Dongxue had done this time had gone beyond the bottom line ah!

                "These two kids, why are they so confused?"

                "After all, they are family, how can they do such a thing?"

                "Aiya, it's all because of this beast surnamed Wang, he tricked them, how else would they be like this?"

                "Lin Mo, you get them back, I'll beat them to death, I'll take this out for you!"

                Fang Hui cried out.

                Tiger brushed his mouth straight off, "Get lost!"

                "Do you really think we are fools?"

                "What catch back, not still help you get the people back?"

                "You're willing to beat them to death?"

                "It's better to let those men surnamed Wang kill them and get it over with!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui panicked and said anxiously, "This ...... won't do!"

                "Lin Mo, Lin Mo, say something."

                "Xue'er is Hanxia's own sister ah, you save her."

                "Lin Mo, I ...... will kowtow to you, I'll kowtow to you all right!"

                Fang Hui said, directly falling to her knees and starting to kowtow to Lin Mo with a thud.

                As for Xu Jiangong, his face was blue and he eventually followed suit and knelt down.

                It couldn't be helped, this was his daughter after all, he couldn't possibly not save her!

                Lin Mo's face was still as cold as water as he waved his hand, "Tiger, send them next door."

                Tiger immediately commanded a few of his men and dragged Xu Jiangong Fang Hui away hard.

                At this point, the Wang family was left in the room, along with Wu Jiuchuan and the others.

                The farce on the Wang family's side was also basically over.

                Mr. Wang's face was scratched with a few bloody marks, and he looked blue as he gritted his teeth and said, "No matter what, this is my family matter!"

                "Tiger, do you really think I'm easy to bully?"

                "Let me tell you, I also came out of the Wang family!"

                "The current head of the Wang family is still my cousin!"

                "Do you really think the Wang family doesn't exist when you come to my house to cause trouble?"

                The other people like Wu Jiu Chuan also breathed a sigh of relief, with the Wang Family backing them up, they didn't have to worry.

                "Tiger, what happened today, you crossed the line!"

                "Humph, do you really think that just because people call you Master Tiger of South Street, you can be lawless? Do you know that the assets of several of us together are at least tens of billions."

                "Barbarians like you who only fight and kill, we can crush you to death with just one finger, who are you to fight us?"