Medical Genius Chapter 725

 Mr. Wang froze on the spot, he never dreamed that his own son, had an affair with his mistress.

                He looked at Wang Yiming furiously, "Yiming, is what he said true?"

                Wang Yiming lowered his head, not daring to meet his father's eyes.

                Mr. Wang was almost mad and went up and kicked Wang Yiming, cursing, "You unfilial son!"

                "You ...... how can you do such a thing ah?"

                Before he could finish speaking, Mrs. Wang behind him had already run over and cracked him with two slaps.

                "Old immortal, shame on you, how dare you still keep a woman outside!?"

                Chief Wang's face changed, his daughter-in-law didn't know about him keeping a mistress.

                All of a sudden, several people in the room burst into a cacophony, and the scene could not be more chaotic.

                Wu Jiuchuan and the others sat here, all embarrassed beyond belief.

                If they had normally encountered such a scene, they would have found it funny.

                However, now they could not laugh at all.

                They were also involved in this incident, and no one could get away with it!

                Xu Jiangong shouted in annoyance, "Wang Yiming, you're actually this kind of person?"

                "I'm simply blind, how could I let Hanxia marry you!"

                "I'm telling you, the marriage between you and Hanxia, it's impossible!"

                Laohu bristled, "Aiyo, old man, you're now starting to say you disagree?"

                "From the beginning, what's your attitude?"

                "You were very supportive!"

                Xu Jiangong looked embarrassed: "I ...... didn't know what he was before I was there!"

                "Now that I know he's a playboy and does such brazen things, I ...... I definitely won't marry my daughter to him!"

                Tiger sneered, "That's very nice of you to say."

                "Since you love your child so much, then why didn't you investigate this Wang Yiming in the first place?"

                "You don't even know what he is, and you keep forcing your daughter to marry him?"

                "If this thing comes to pass tonight, then wouldn't you have gotten your own daughter killed yourself?"

                Xu Jiankong's face swelled red: "I ...... really didn't know. ......"

                "If I knew, how could I have done such a thing!"

                Tiger: "Don't know, won't you go and investigate?"

                "Hmph, do you think I don't know you?"

                "Knowing that the Wang family is rich and knowing that they live in Wangjiang Garden, you don't even have the heart to care about anything else."

                "As for what this Wang Yiming really is, do you ever care?"

                "You just want to use your daughter as a stepping stone to climb the ladder of wealth for yourself, you don't even think about her feelings and her happiness!"

                "A man like you is not worthy of being a father at all!"

                Xu Jiangong's face swelled red and he lowered his head, unable to utter a single word.

                He could not refute Laohu's words at all.

                Because, from the very beginning, he was looking at the Wang family's assets, and had never even considered what kind of person Wang Yiming really was.

                Fang Hui trembled and said, "Tiger ...... Master Tiger, you are right, we were wrong this time."

                "Can you ...... help us and get my daughter out."

                "Xue'er and the others are being kidnapped now, please, save them ......"

                Xu Jiangong also looked at Tiger with a hopeful plus pleading face.

                Tiger bristled, "Save them?"

                "On what grounds?"

                "Just those two bastards, I can't wait to fucking kill them myself, and still save them?"

                "You're fucking sick in the head, aren't you?"

                Fang Hui looked embarrassed, but she didn't dare to argue with the tiger.

                She could only look at Lin Mo and whispered, "Lin Mo, please save Xue'er."

                "She's your family after all, she's Hanxia's own sister!"

                "You can't just stand by and watch her die, can you!"

                "In that case, Hanxia will feel guilty for the rest of her life, you can't let Hanxia feel guilty about this for the rest of her life!"