Medical Genius Chapter 723

 The crowd was in an uproar, who had ever seen such a scene before.

                At this moment, the people outside were still rushing to the villa in a steady stream.

                Looking out from here, the crowd couldn't really tell how many people were outside.

                Anyway, even the foot of the hill was full of people!

                Wang was shivering with fear, and he suddenly realised that the situation was starting to get out of hand.

                Lin Mo wasn't dead and the tiger had brought so many people over, there was definitely something wrong with this.

                He had arranged everything at Wangjiang Garden because it belonged to Nanba Tian, and without Nanba Tian's orders, how could Tiger and these people come and go as they pleased.

                Now, the fact that Tiger and his men had brought so many people in was enough to show that there was Nanba Tian behind this matter!

                When he thought of Nanba Tian, Chief Wang's body was cold.

                Wang Dekai had said that this matter was only targeting Chen Shengyuan and would not bring out Nanba Tian for the time being.

                But now it seemed that Wang Dekai had made a mistake in his estimation!

                The man had his tongue cut out and was rolling around on the ground in pain, and a few drops of blood splashed onto the tiger's leg.

                The tiger was annoyed: "Damn it, why are you rolling around?"

                "Don't you have any sense of decency, you're splashing blood all over me!"

                "Shit, keep an eye on him, if he rolls again, chop off all his hands and feet, I'll see how he can still roll!"

                Several men stood around the man in an aggressive manner.

                The man was really honest, he covered his mouth and didn't dare to roll anymore, he was really afraid of death!

                Tiger swept his gaze over the crowd at the scene and said loudly, "Fuck you, didn't you hear my brother Lin's orders?"

                "Lao Tzu, dozens of times, those who don't care, get out immediately."

                "If you don't leave, I'll chop you all up together!"




                Tiger counted as he said, not giving the crowd a chance to react at all.

                The crowd seemed to have exploded and ran out of the room in a panic, not daring to stay for a moment.

                The tiger was too fierce!

                Wu Jiuchuan and the others also followed among the crowd and wanted to leave.

                However, just as they reached the entrance, they were stopped by the tiger's men.

                "Are you unrelated people?"

                "Have you been told to leave?"

                "You have to stay!"

                Wu Jiu Chuan was confused and said urgently, "Master Tiger, this ...... is nothing to do with me."

                "It's the Wang family's business, I ...... I'm just here for the reception ......"

                Tiger glared, "Whether it's related or not, you know in your own fucking heart."

                "Don't think that nobody knows about the little thing you discuss behind the scenes."'

                "The suburban manor well, even Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang went there, am I right!"

                Wu Jiu Chuan and the others were suddenly paralysed, they never dreamed that the things they had discussed for the first time were all known to the tiger.

                This time, they really couldn't get away with it!

                When Chief Wang saw such a situation, he knew that things had gotten out of hand.

                He suddenly rushed out from the house and ran straight at Xu Hanxia with a dagger, while yelling, "Lin, be honest with me!"

                "Or else, I'll get her killed ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, Lin Mo had already jumped down from the terrace.

                Three meters high, it seemed like flat ground to Lin Mo.

                He kicked the Chief Wang in the chest and stomped him to the ground.

                Chief Wang vomited a mouthful of blood and struggled several times, but was unable to get up.

                At the same time, all of Tiger's men behind him rushed over and held down all of Chief Wang's men.

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly jumped into Lin Mo's arms and hugged him, crying bitterly.

                Lin Mo gently patted Xu Hanxia's shoulder, "It's alright, it's alright."

                "I'm sorry I'm late, I've made you suffer!"

                Xu Hanxia shook her head vigorously as she hugged Lin Mo to death.

                No matter what, as long as Lin Mo was still alive, it was the best thing.

                Lin Mo gently patted Xu Hanxia's shoulder and comforted her before having someone take her to the next door to rest.

                As for Lin Mo, he would have to settle the score with the Wang family!