Medical Genius Chapter 721

 The video that Madam Wang showed Xu Hanxia could not be seen by all the people around.

                Therefore, they had no idea what was going on.

                At this moment, Mr Wang also walked over to Xu Jiangong Fang Hui and smiled, "Old Xu, let's go and sit in the house first."

                "Young people propose, there must be quite a lot to say."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui nodded his head, "Good, listen to you."

                The two of them followed Mr. Wang inside that villa.

                Seeing this, Mrs. Wang smiled and said, "Mr. Xu, don't let my son kneel for too long."

                "Otherwise, after your sister is shredded, it will be your parents' turn next."

                "You don't want your parents to die in front of you, do you?"

                Xu Hanxia's body went limp and she almost collapsed.

                Mrs Wang held her up and laughed lightly, "Xu, calm down."

                "Don't let outsiders see it, otherwise, it will really kill you."

                Xu Hanxia looked at Madam Wang and gritted her teeth, "What happened to Lin Mo, did you do it?"

                Madam Wang smiled lightly, "When you agree to the proposal, I will tell you who actually did it."

                "And, I can tell you unequivocally, it wasn't us who did it, it was someone close to you!"

                "How about that, do you want to know?"

                "Say yes, Lin Mo is dead anyway, you don't want everyone in the family to die out, do you?"

                "Oh yeah, I heard that Lin Mo still has a sister, why don't I have someone find her out as well?"

                Xu Hanxia's face changed again and she said in a trembling voice, "No!"

                If Lin Mo had died, then he would be left with this sister.

                No matter what, Xu Hanxia had to keep Lin Xi ah.

                "Hahahaha, if you cooperate, then of course we don't need to do anything."

                "But, if you don't cooperate, then I'm sorry ......"

                Madam Wang kept laughing, but, her voice, however, gave Xu Hanxia a creepy feeling.

                This woman, who was doing the most cruel things, could still smile so brightly that it was unimaginable.

                Mrs. Wang took a step back and laughed, "Mr. Xu, promise him."

                "My son loves you so much, you can't keep him on his knees!"

                Wang Yiming also immediately said, "Hanxia, if you don't promise me, I'll keep kneeling here and not get up!"

                Those girls around, were all full of heartache, "Aiya, how can you make someone kneel for so long?"

                "Promise him, promise him!"

                "Xu Hanxia, are you hard-hearted?"

                "Do you have any humanity left? He has done so much for you, and you just keep letting him kneel like this?"

                Xu Hanxia's heart was twisting like a knife, and tears gushed out without a sound.

                Only now did she realise that everything, from the moment she walked into Wangjiang Garden, had gone out of control.

                Lin Mo was dead, she was desperate, and she didn't want to live anymore.

                However, she knew very well. If she didn't agree tonight, her family would die, and even Lin Xi would die too.

                Taking a deep breath, Xu Hanxia clenched her teeth.

                She decided to fight one last time to avenge Lin Mo's death.

                She took two steps back, pretending to be a little overwhelmed.

                "I ...... I'm not ready yet. ......"

                When Wang Yiming heard this, he couldn't help but be overjoyed, as he thought Xu Hanxia had loosened up.

                "Does this still need to be prepared?"

                "All of it, I am ready."

                "You just have to promise me that I'll do anything for you!"

                Wang Yiming said loudly, moving countless girls below.

                Xu Hanxia still shook her head, as if she was mentally torn.

                Just as she retreated to a table, she suddenly picked up the knife on the table for cutting roast meat and lunged towards Wang Yiming.

                "I'll fight you!"

                Xu Hanxia let out a scream, and in this fight, she put her life on the line.

                Even if she had to die, she had to avenge Lin Mo, this was her last belief!