Medical Genius Chapter 719

 Xu Hanxia had already gotten used to such threats.

                She didn't even turn her head back and walked straight out the door.

                Fang Hui let out a harsh wail and sat down directly on the ground, "Aiya, how did I raise such an unfilial daughter like you!"

                "You just don't care at all about your parents' lives, I should have known I shouldn't have had you in the first place."

                "I won't live, I won't live, what's the point of me living ......"

                Xu Jiangong then gritted his teeth, "Xu Hanxia, stop right there!"

                "Do you hear me? You stop right there!"

                Xu Hanxia never turned around.

                Xu Yongqing laughed coldly, "Jian Gong, this is the kind of daughter you've raised."

                "Tsk, are you inviting us to see your new house tonight, or are you inviting us to see this farce at your house?"

                Xu Changchang laughed, "Grandpa, isn't this just as well."

                "The wicked have their own way."

                "Eldest Uncle and Eldest Aunt have done everything wrong in their lives, and they deserve to end up like this."

                Xu Lingling bristled, "Uncle, if you want to sell your daughter in exchange for a house, you should at least get her divorced first."

                "Your daughter is still with that wimp, are you planning to marry two daughters, one for two husbands?"

                "Eldest uncle, you guys are really good at this!"

                The crowd around them burst into laughter.

                Seriously, the crowd had a feeling of watching the show as things had come to this point tonight.

                Seeing that Xu Hanxia was about to walk to the door, Madam Wang greeted her.

                "Mr Xu, don't rush off yet!"

                "Don't you want to know about Lin Mo's situation?"

                Xu Hanxia's face changed and she said urgently, "What's wrong with Lin Mo?"

                "You ...... dare to do anything to him, I will not let you go!"

                Mrs. Wang laughed lightly, "There's no rush, you'll know soon."

                "Come, come, come, go over and sit for a while first."

                At this moment, Mr. Wang also handed the house keys to Xu Jiangong.

                Although Xu Jiangong was furious, he was still very happy to get the key.

                "Mr. Wang, you are really reasonable!"

                Xu Jiangong said with a smile.

                With a smile on his face, Mr. Wang said aloud, "I invited everyone over tonight, firstly, to take a look at Old Xu's new house."

                "And secondly, I also want to ask everyone to be a witness."

                "My son, who fell in love with Mr Xu at first sight, has the greatest wish to marry Mr Xu."

                "Today, I would like to ask everyone to witness the process of my son's proposal to Mr. Xu!"

                As soon as Mr. Wang finished speaking, the lights in this courtyard suddenly came on.

                Only then did the crowd see that inside the courtyard, red cloths had been spread all over.

                And at the very inside, Wang Yiming, tall and dressed in a suit, stood with a smile on his face, holding flowers in one hand.

                If he wasn't still bandaged, he really did meet all the requirements of Prince Charming.

                Many girls at the scene, seeing this scene, were close to falling in love.

                Wang Yiming was quite handsome and had a good family background. Moreover, he had chosen to make his appearance in such a way, how many girls could resist?

                However, Xu Hanxia's face changed straight away.

                She said loudly, "Mr. Wang, please behave yourself."

                "I'm already married, I have a husband."

                "So, you guys don't need to waste your time!"

                Chief Wang laughed, "Chief Xu, I understand what you mean. But, that Lin Mo is a door-to-door son-in-law after all."

                "He joined your family in order to cheat you out of your family's assets."

                "Such a person is by no means a good match."

                "On the contrary, my son and you, a man of talent and a woman of good looks, a family match, this is the best marriage."

                "I still want to advise you as a person who has come through."

                "Woman, the most crucial thing is to marry the right person."

                "That Lin Mo, really doesn't deserve you, you deserve better!"

                At this, many people around nodded their heads.

                The minds of the crowd were all the same, a soft-earner, and a rich young master, did this still need to be chosen?