Medical Genius Chapter 711

 Huang Liang Xu Dongxue's face both changed, the two looked at each other, gritted their teeth and said at the same time, "We'll do it!"

                The two took the medicine in Wang's hand and left straight away.

                Inside the room, the remaining few people discussed it again here.

                Wu Jiuchuan: "Mr. Wang, when the time comes, will you really give him 10% of the dry shares?"

                "That's quite a lot of money, isn't it?"

                "These two people, are they worth this price?"

                Mr. Wang laughed coldly, "They are nothing, how can they be worth this price!"

                "But how can they do this without promising them a little sweetness!"

                "When Lin Mo dies, these two should die too."

                "By then, no one will know that we ordered this."

                "They will even think that it was these two people who killed Lin Mo for the sake of the family fortune, and that they had nothing to do with us!"

                The crowd was suddenly enlightened and all laughed out loud at this idea, which pleased them all.

                The crowd discussed a bit more about how to divide up the villa area, and finally, Wu Jiu Chuan and the others left with their hearts content.

                Wang and Wang Dekai stayed behind.

                After sending everyone away, Chief Wang returned to Wang Dekai and bowed, "Big brother, what do you think?"

                Wang Dekai sat on the terrace, watching the cars leaving one after another below, and sneered, "It's perfect!"

                "Let them go as shields, if Chen Shengyuan wants to retaliate, he will only look for them."

                "As for the villa area project, hehe, when your son marries Xu Hanxia, it will all be owned by our Wang family."

                Wu Jiuchuan and the others did not know that from the very beginning, Wang Dekai had no intention to divide the villa area project with them.

                This multi-billion dollar project, if Wang De Kai swallowed it alone, the Wang family's strength would definitely skyrocket.

                How would Wang Dekai miss such an opportunity?

                The reason for joining them together was to get them to bear the wrath of Chen Shengyuan.

                It was just a pity that these people were still dreaming!

                In the evening, when Huang Liang Xu Dongxue returned home, he immediately went to Xu Jiankong Fang Hui to discuss the matter.

                The two of course didn't dare to say anything about being invited by Mr Wang, they just told them not to get excited for the time being and to stabilise Lin Mo.

                Wang Yiming and the others had been beaten up, and Mr. Wang would definitely find a way to clean up Lin Mo, so they just needed to watch the show.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui had been tossing and turning for two days, and they were all tired too.

                On hearing this, they really didn't want to toss and turn either.

                Now that they knew that Mr. Wang had already started to deal with Lin Mo, they were of course happy to be free.

                Then, Huang Liang asked Fang Hui to call Xu Hanxia and ask her and Lin Mo to come back, saying that they wanted to sit together as a family and discuss the matter calmly.

                To put it bluntly, he wanted to lure Lin Mo back.

                Xu Hanxia didn't know there was a trick, but she really thought her parents had finally changed their minds, so she contacted Lin Mo and returned home the next day.

                After arriving home, Xu Dongxue and Fang Hui had already packed a large table of dishes.

                Xu Jiangong's attitude was also much gentler, and as for Huang Liang, he even warmly invited Lin Mo to sit down with them.

                "Sister, this time, it was us who were too impulsive."

                "Thinking about it later, these things, it's true that we shouldn't have."

                "We're all family, why get angry over such things?"

                Xu Dongxue said hypocritically.

                Xu Hanxia didn't even know that Xu Dongxue actually had another plot. She still thought that her sister had finally changed her nature and could not help but be joyful to the extreme.

                "Xue'er, it's really good that you think that way."

                "Actually, we're all family, and I want everyone to be well, so why get angry over such things?"

                "Well, let's not talk about the past anymore."

                "In the future, if we are all well as a family, it's better than anything!"

                Xu Hanxia said.

                Xu Dongxue nodded hypocritically.

                Huang Liang, on the other hand, came straight out with several bowls of rice and set them up one by one, even handing Lin Mo a bowl: "Brother-in-law, eat."