Medical Genius Chapter 709

 The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see a tall man striding out from the back.

                Seeing this man, all the people in the room immediately stood up and said with a smile, "Wang family head, what brings you here?"

                This man was none other than the family head of the Wang Family, one of the ten largest families in Guangyang City, Wang Dekai!

                The Wang Family was ranked in the middle to upper level of strength among the top ten families. The Wang family head, on the other hand, had a strong grip on the Wang family.

                The old man of the Wang family was in very poor health and hadn't bothered with the affairs of the family for many years.

                It could be said that Wang Dekai, among the family heads of the ten great families, was the one with the most power.

                Now that he had shown up in person, the crowd was naturally shocked.

                Wang Dekai walked up to the crowd and waved his hand, "All sit down!"

                Only then did the crowd sit down.

                Wu Jiuchuan cautiously said, "Family Head Wang, do you ...... also support us in dealing with Chen Shengyuan?"

                Just now, the Wang Family Master had made his attitude clear with one sentence.

                And this, too, made the mood of the crowd excited.

                Chen Shengyuan was very strong and was not something that they could deal with.

                However, if they had the backing of the Wang Family Master, it would be different.

                After all, it was one of the Ten Great Families and was far stronger than Chen Shengyuan!

                Wang Dekai nodded calmly, "This time today, I asked Little Wang to invite you all over."

                "Not for anything else, just because this Chen Shengyuan's hands are stretched too far."

                "He's in the medical industry, we never meddle in his industry."

                "But he's gone too far with that Lin Mo, turning around and investing in real estate, and backing up Lin Mo and not letting us get our hands on the villa area project."

                "When you do something, you have to have rules."

                "If you cross the line, you naturally have to teach a lesson!"

                The crowd looked at each other, their moods were all agitated.

                Wang De Kai, was trying to use this incident to teach Chen Sheng Yuan a lesson.

                To put it plainly, Wang Dekai was trying to snatch away the project of the villa area.

                They had been coveting the villa project for a long time, but they were not strong enough to snatch it from Chen Shengyuan's hands.

                Now that Wang Dekai is backing them up, they really dare to fight with Chen Shengyuan!

                As for that Nanba Tian, it was not that they were not afraid, they just felt that Nanba Tian might not make a move in such a matter.

                After all, when Chen Shengyuan was in the medical industry, the Ten Families and others, did not intervene, which was giving Nanba Tian enough face.

                Now, Chen Shengyuan was suddenly meddling in the real estate industry, which broke the rules.

                Even if the crowd really wanted to settle the score with Chen Shengyuan, Nanba Tian couldn't say anything!

                Wu Jiuchuan was filled with excitement, "Master Wang, with these words from you, we are relieved."

                "Just, I wonder what exactly is your plan?"

                Family Head Wang smiled gently and looked at Chief Wang.

                Chief Wang smiled, "Actually, this matter is very simple."

                "The project for the villa area is in the hands of that Lin Mo right now."

                "If Lin Mo dies, then what will happen to the shares in his hands?"

                The crowd was all stunned.

                Huang Liang, on the other hand, was jumping in his heart, he had always dreamed of Lin Mo's death.

                Now, these people were discussing the death of Lin Mo, which was exactly what he wanted!

                Wu Jiuchuan said, "If Lin Mo dies, the shares will definitely be transferred to his daughter-in-law's name."

                "If whoever marries his daughter-in-law, then this problem will be easy!"

                "Old Wang, I understand what you mean, you are planning to let Yiming get married to that Xu Hanxia!"

                Huang Xin jumped in his heart, if that was really the case, then he wouldn't be able to take advantage of anything.

                Mr. Wang sneered, "What is Xu Hanxia, a second-hand goods, why should she marry my son."

                "What I mean is that if Lin Mo dies, when the time comes, we will jointly fund the shares and let Manager Huang step in to take them."

                "Manager Huang is their family, no one will suspect anything if he does this."

                "We just need to be behind the scenes, we don't have to show our faces, and we can share the money when the time comes."