Medical Genius Chapter 708


                A BMW Seven Series slowly drove into a manor in the outskirts of Guangyang City.

                Two people got down from the car, one was Huang Liang and the other was Xu Dongxue.

                Xu Dongxue's face was full of confusion: "Honey, what are they looking for us, Mr. Wang?"

                "If there's anything, they should be looking for Mom and Dad too."

                "How come only the two of us were called, and not Mom and Dad?"

                Huang Liang laughed lightly, "Isn't that better?"

                "If there's anything, Mr. Wang and the others can discuss it with us directly."

                "It means that Mr. Wang and the others trust us more, do you understand?"

                Xu Dongxue suddenly understood and was full of joy, "That's great."

                "If we can get the support of General Manager Wang and the others this time, hum, I'll basically have no problem controlling Xu's Pharmaceutical!"

                "You take down the construction company again, by then, this family's family fortune will be ours!"

                Huang Liang smiled and nodded his head.

                Xu Dongxue, however, did not notice that deep in Huang Liang's eyes, there was still a cold aura hidden.

                The two of them walked into one of the small buildings, and just as they entered, they heard a harsh roar of pain and a burst of cursing coming from the living room.

                "Dad, I don't care, I must let that Lin die!"

                "Dad, look what he's done to us, and he's even falsely accused us of provoking trouble."

                "We've been locked up in there for a day, so badly injured, and starved for a day, I've never suffered like this in my life at all. Dad, you must take revenge for me!"

                The ones who spoke were the same rich kids who had gone to look for Lin Mo today.

                Now, they were lying on the sofa, one rather miserable.

                Their bodies were wrapped in bandages and their faces were haggard; today had tossed them around.

                On the other side of the sofa, there were a few middle-aged men sitting there, and Mr Wang was among them.

                These men were the fathers of these rich kids.

                When Huang Liang saw them, his face was full of respect. This was because, these people, in Guangyang City, were all big, wealthy businessmen with big faces.

                "Mr. Wang, all the old bosses, how are you!"

                Huang Liang greeted the crowd with a sarcastic smile.

                The crowd glanced at him and no one paid any attention to them.

                General Manager Wang introduced, "This is Huang Liang, the general manager of the construction company."

                "He's in charge of all the things over at the construction company now."

                "The Zhou family's villa area, all the formalities are now complete."

                "Now all that's left is to follow up on the finishing touches."

                Hearing these words, the crowd's eyes lit up.

                That villa area of the Zhou family was a piece of fat meat.

                It could be said that when Zhou Shao was around, everything had already been done.

                It was just that when Zhou Shao's lineage collapsed, the project was also put on hold.

                The Zhou family was now in chaos internally and there was no one to preside over the project, so the project was taken by Lin Mo at a low price.

                In fact, there were simply too many people in Guangyang who wanted to swallow this project, and many of them were actually staring at Lin Mo, wanting to snatch this fat piece of meat away from him.

                "So it's Manager Huang, come, come, have a seat!"

                A fat man said smilingly, he was Wu Jiu Chuan, the father of that young Wu today.

                Huang Liang was flattered, thanked him and took Xu Dongxue over to sit down.

                At this moment, a boss said in a deep voice: "Mr. Wang, you didn't invite us here today just to see my son's miserable condition, did you?"

                "This matter, which started because of your son, you have to give an explanation!"

                The others also looked at Chief Wang, they were all holding fire in their hearts over this incident.

                Chief Wang nodded, "That's for sure."

                "I have invited all of you here today because I also want to discuss with you how to settle this matter once and for all!"

                One of the men frowned, "I've gotten word that the person who went to take the blame this time is Chen Shengyuan's man."

                "Chief Wang, you're not planning to go against Chen Shengyuan, are you?"

                Everyone else also frowned, Chen Shengyuan, was no small man.

                Just then, an icy voice suddenly came from the back, "Chen Shengyuan, what a thing!"