Medical Genius Chapter 707

 Wang Yiming several people were dumbfounded, what is this situation?

                Wang Yiming hurriedly said, "Officer, they ...... are clearly trying to take the blame for Lin Mo!"

                "We were the ones who were beaten by Lin Mo!"

                The captain glanced at him and then at the tattooed man, "What is going on?"

                The tattooed man said, "It's like this."

                "We came to see Dr. Lin and they came to cause trouble."

                "We couldn't stand it, so we took a shot at them."

                "The doctors and nurses here, they can all testify."

                Several doctors and nurses nodded their heads, they were all close to the dean and had been instructed by him to come here specifically.

                One of the nurses said, "Officer, think about it yourself, could Dr. Lin, by himself, beat up so many of them?"

                "That's completely illogical!"

                "Besides, look at the things in there, those folding knives and such, they were all brought by these people."

                "They brought knives into the hospital, they are simply here to provoke trouble!"

                Wang Yiming was going crazy, pointing at the nurse and cursing, "Fuck you, what did you say?"

                "Say it again for me!"

                "You dare to accuse me, believe it or not, I'll kill you!"

                The captain was annoyed: "Shut up!"

                "Who are you going to kill?"

                "Say that again?"

                "I'm telling you, we can record everything you say now and use it as evidence to prosecute you later!"

                Wang Yiming was instantly dumbfounded.

                He was used to being arrogant and domineering in his day-to-day life, and now, in front of the police, he even dared to threaten to kill someone, wasn't this seeking death?

                At this moment, the captain was already very dissatisfied with Wang Yiming and the others.

                This group of people, at a glance, were some fops who had deliberately come to cause trouble.

                "Go, take out the weapons in the house and take them back as evidence."

                "Also, take these few people back and assist in the investigation."

                "The doctors and nurses from the hospital, as witnesses, bring them back to assist in the investigation as well."

                The captain commanded.

                Wang Yiming was anxious, "What about Lin Mo?"

                "It was that son of a bitch who beat us up, why not arrest him?"

                The captain said in a deep voice, "Who actually beat him up, we will naturally have the results after the investigation."

                "Now someone has confessed, there are witnesses to prove it, and all this evidence to prove that he was not involved in this incident."

                "We can't just take an innocent man back for trial, can we?"

                "If we investigate and find out that he did this incident, we will naturally take him back again."

                Wang Yiming was shivering with anger, "These bastards, they all colluded and deliberately perjured themselves."

                "Officer, I ...... want to transfer the surveillance, there must be surveillance here!"

                A few other rich kids' eyes lit up, yes, inside the hospital, there are surveillance everywhere, this is the most powerful evidence.

                A doctor laughed, "Sorry, this is a newly opened department and a newly built building, no surveillance has been installed yet."

                Wang Yiming was completely devastated, he didn't expect that he had failed to steal the chicken this time.

                He wanted to call the police to arrest Lin Mo, instead Lin Mo was not in trouble at all, but they were in trouble.

                The weapons in the house, the folding knives, were all brought by them.

                If they went back to investigate, they wouldn't be able to get away with it!

                In the end, Wang Yiming, the tattooed men, and the doctors and nurses were all taken away.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, had nothing to do with it at all, sitting leisurely in his office drinking tea.

                All of this was arranged by Chen Shengyuan at the behest of Nanba Tian.

                These people had specifically run to take the blame, they were only injured, and would not be sentenced heavily at all.

                Moreover, Nanba Tian would personally hire a lawyer to handle the matter, and they would just pay a fine at that time.

                However, these few rich youngsters, this meal was intended to be in vain.

                Even, because of bringing these weapons, maybe they would be a bit more responsible!