Medical Genius Chapter 706

 Wang Yiming stood at the back, and at this moment he was trembling with fear.

                He finally understood that he had been hasty this time.

                Lin Mo's force value was simply too terrifying.

                Bringing such a few people and trying to come and clean up Lin Mo, this was like seeking death!

                Lin Mo walked step by step in front of Wang Yiming, while Wang Yiming was so frightened that he took a step backwards and ended up sitting on his butt on the ground.

                Lin Mo lifted his foot and stepped on Wang Yiming's head.

                When Wang Yiming tried to resist, Lin Mo threw a slap directly at his face, knocking out three of his teeth, and Wang Yiming was completely honest.

                "You listen to me clearly!"

                "Stay away from Hanxia!"

                "Today, I will spare your life."

                "But, in two days' time, if you still don't come to apologise, I will let you die!"

                With those words, Lin Mo grabbed Wang Yiming's arm and lifted him up.

                Wang Yiming's arm had been dislocated by Lin Mo, and this was so painful that Wang Yiming almost collapsed and let out a miserable scream.

                Lin Mo pulled him to the doorway and suddenly kicked him in the stomach, causing Wang Yiming to fly straight out.

                Lin Mo glanced obliquely at the others and said in a cold voice, "How's that?"

                "Are you going to get out yourselves, or shall I send you out?"

                These few people shivered in fear and hurriedly turned around to run.

                Lin Mo grabbed a chair and threw it at the first person.

                "I told you to get out, I didn't tell you to leave!"

                The faces of these few people were ugly to the extreme, and one of them said, "Hey, man, there's no need to be so desperate, right?"

                "My dad is ......"

                Lin Mo rushed over with an arrow step, grabbed his arm, lifted his knee and slammed it directly into his elbow.

                The man roared in miserable pain and could no longer speak.

                "Get lost!"

                Lin Mo bellowed angrily.

                These few people no longer dared to say anything, and really did roll out honestly.

                There was no way out, if they didn't roll, they would have to be beaten!

                Only after all of them had rolled out did these people help each other and leave the place in a panic.

                After seeing these people go away, Lin Mo did not rush and called Nanba Tian first to tell him about this matter.

                Nanba Tian's reply was simple, "I know."

                "Mr. Lin, don't worry, leave it to me!"

                Wang Yiming and the others ran out of the hospital, and only then did they breathe a long sigh of relief, and all of them broke into curses at once.

                "Fuck me, this son of a bitch, he's got too much guts, he even dares to beat us up, does he want to die?"

                "No, this matter, I'm not done with him!"

                "I'm going to kill him!"

                "Yes, kill him!"

                "I'll go back to my dad and ask him to bring their company down before he's killed!"

                Several people shouted loudly, furious to the extreme.

                Wang Yiming, on the other hand, frowned tightly as he looked at the crowd and suddenly sneered, "There's no need to go to all this trouble!"

                "He beat us up like this, this is already a crime of aggravated assault!"

                "The easiest way to deal with it, just call the police!"

                A few other people's eyes lit up, "Right, that's the best method."

                "Young Wang, it's still you who are well thought out."

                "That's it, call the police, hurry up and call the police."

                A few people took out their mobile phones and immediately called the police, telling them what had happened over here.

                Not long after, a police car drove up.

                They went up and took these people into the hospital to go to Lin Mo.

                As a result, when they arrived at Lin Mo's office, they saw a dozen people gathered here from afar.

                Among them, there were seven or eight men with green skin and prickly heads, and several doctors and nurses in white coats.

                The captain leading the team walked over and said with a frown, "Which one is Lin Mo?"

                "We received a report that you are suspected of fighting and brawling, we need to take you back for investigation!"

                Just as he finished speaking, a tattooed man walked over, "Officer, I'm turning myself in."

                "These people just now, we were the ones who beat them up."

                At this moment, those doctors and nurses in white coats also said, "Yes, we can prove it."

                "They were the ones who were fighting in a group here just now!"