Medical Genius Chapter 705

 There were three men left, who just happened to rush to Lin Mo's side.

                Seeing this, the three men were a little dumbfounded.

                They, the rich second generation, had set up the so-called Brotherhood Alliance, but they were actually a group of dudes who, thanks to their family's power, were running amok outside and no one dared to mess with them.

                When they heard that Wang Yiming had been beaten up by a door-to-door son-in-law, they immediately felt that the Brotherhood League had lost face, so they wanted to come and get back for Wang Yiming.

                They had done such things before, but whenever a few of them showed up together, the other party immediately knelt down in fear and begged for mercy.

                And they could stand tall and clean up the other side, and then they had to go back out and spread the word around to humiliate them properly.

                Just as before, there was a rich young man from a small city next to Guangyang who had a beautiful girlfriend with him.

                They went up to talk to him, and the rich kid got angry and started a fight with them.

                As a result, this group of brothers from the League of Brothers beat up the rich boy severely. They also stripped him naked, put him on the bonnet of their vehicle and drove around Guangyang City several times in the middle of the night.

                Afterwards, the rich kid's father wanted to come and demand for an explanation.

                As a result, he was beaten up so badly that even his business was swallowed up, and the rich boy's family was almost destroyed.

                Such an incident has always been enjoyed by them and seen as a battle to be proud of, and is being publicised everywhere.

                And such a situation had led to this group of people, who were almost untouchable in Guangyang City.

                In their view, Lin Mo was just a son-in-law who ate soft food and was no match for that rich young man.

                If they wanted to deal with Lin Mo, it would be as easy as a slap on the wrist.

                Therefore, several of them came straight to the hospital, ready to bleed Lin Mo.

                But they never dreamed that Lin Mo would be so tough.

                Hearing their identities, not only did Lin Mo not have the slightest fear, but he even dared to fight back so strongly.

                Those three men stood behind Lin Mo, hesitating slightly, and one of them suddenly gritted his teeth and slashed his folding knife directly towards Lin Mo's back.

                Lin Mo suddenly turned around, clasped his wrist with his backhand, and with a forceful fracture, this rich young man's wrist was directly fractured.

                Lin Mo also did not stop, grabbed the folding knife and put it directly on his neck.

                The rich young man's face changed and he immediately shouted, "You have the fucking guts to kill me!"

                "I'm telling you, my father is Wu Jiu Chuan."

                "If anything happens to me, my father will definitely kill you!"

                "Don't believe me!"

                Several other people also hissed loudly, "Lin, you're dead!"

                "Do you know that you have completely offended our brotherhood today!"

                "This is like offending all the most powerful and rich people in Guangyang City!"

                "We will make you die a very ugly death!"

                Lin Mo's face was ice-cold as he suddenly threw the folding knife out violently, which stabbed directly into the wooden board behind him.

                Several people were stunned.

                The folding knife was actually a bit brittle, and moreover, the wooden board was made of a very thick material.

                Even if they stabbed down hard, they would only make a small crater on it at most.

                This time, Lin Mo directly pierced the wooden board, what kind of power was this?

                Lin Mo grabbed Wu Shao's neck and said in a cold voice, "Don't worry, I won't kill you!"

                "But, I will make your life worse than death!"

                "Go back and tell Wu Jiu Chuan that he is the same as the Wang family."

                "In two days, if you don't come and kowtow to me, then wait for death!"

                With those words, Lin Mo directly grabbed Wu Shao's arm, and with the same punch, he went over and broke Wu Shao's arm.

                Wu Shao fell to the ground and let out a harsh wail.

                This pain caused him to completely collapse, tears and snot coming out together.

                There were still two people left next to him, and they were both dumbfounded now.

                They didn't expect that Lin Mo didn't fear their family's power at all. This time, all their reliance was gone, so who dared to fight Lin Mo again?